500.trade: A Top Online Trading Platform in 2021

500.trade Review

There is doubt that the world of online trading is booming and this positive trend is likely to go up even more in the future. If you would like to become an online trader, you need to sign up on a platform for a trading account. This is in fact quite a challenging step. Why? It is because there are numerous trading firms out there that have doubtful credentials so it is important you have to sign up on a reliable platform that online traders around the world can trust.

To that end, I would suggest you register on 500.trade which is reliable and provides several features as well. They also have a remarkable reputation in the financial sphere. Read on to know more about the top features of this particular online trading platform that makes it an ideal place to trade for anyone. 

Algo Trading

You might not be acquainted with this particular trading term if you are new to online trading. To put it in as simple terms as possible, algo trading is when you use a computer program to execute trades on your behalf. How this works is that you provide trading instructions to the program which it uses to make trades on your behalf. As a result, you can save your precious time as you are doing the trading yourself and instead relying on the computer algorithm to do this for you.

Apart from saving time, when you use the 500.trade algo trading feature, you can place trades extremely quickly as the program works rapidly at a pace you cannot match manually. What this means is that you can make profits very quickly in a short span of time. Also, the program works very accurately so you can rest assured you will not be making any errors when analyzing trading patterns and executing trades. 

Overall this algo trading feature is very convenient for any trader around the world who is looking for a seamless trading experience! 

5 Trading Accounts

It is a huge benefit when you have multiple trading accounts available to choose from. When this flexibility is available, you can opt for the type of trading account that best meets your budget and other trading preferences. When you select to trade on 500.trade, there are 5 different types of trading accounts available and you can sign up for anyone you want. To be more specific these trading accounts are called Basic, Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. 

If you have a small budget and want to begin trading online on a modest scale, then the Basic account is by far the most ideal option for you. You just need to deposit 200 euros in your trading account when you sign up for this one. On the flip side, if you are a high flyer and are looking for more trading opportunities, then I would suggest you sign up for the Gold or Platinum account. Just keep in mind that you need considerable investment to register for these types of accounts as the deposit limit is quite high. However, the benefits are just as high as you can grow your trading portfolio quickly and invest in multiple assets to keep your risks to as low as possible. 

Client Support

It is quite true that client support is an integral feature and all online traders rely on it immensely to flourish in their trading journey. Needless to say, it is vital that you engage on a platform that does not compromise on client support at all. The good news for you is that when it comes to customer support, 500.trade is like no other. Their client support is excellent in every sense of the word.

Their support representatives work round the clock every day except Sunday. You can approach them for anything you want within this time frame. Whether you require help with something or have a basic question about online trading, all you have to do is contact them and they will guide you as efficiently as possible.

In order to contact the 500.trade team, you can either send them an email or use the live chat option on their website. Another approach is to call them on their number (you can find this under the contact section on their website). 

All in all, the 500.trade customer team will always have your back no matter which stage you are in your online trading journey. 


Security is another department where 500.trade shines very brightly. The platform understands very well that it is critical the security features installed are advanced to provide peace of mind to all traders that they are trading in a completely secure and safe environment. Some of these features are the firewall system and SSL encryption technology which are very powerful security elements that serve to protect your user data and funds. You can rest assured that whatever information you share on the platform will stay fully secured and not fall in the wrong hands. 

Also, there are very stringent verification processes that every trader has to go through when they sign up on the 500.trade platform. These processes ensure no trader ever falls victim to any incident of identity theft. What that means is that no one will be able to access your trading account and even if they try doing do, you will be notified immediately! 


To summarize, 500.trade is a trading platform that surpasses all kinds of expectations and is the best place for you to start if you are interested in dipping your toes in the sea of online trading. They have excellent customer support, are very safe and secure, and among other things offer lucrative trading opportunities for everyone. If you have any specific queries about their services, you contact their customer support team who will be glad to help you out with anything you need. So what you are still waiting for? If you are ready to trade, go to their website today and sign up!