A Hong Kong-Based Cryptocurrency Exchange Takes Crypto-Wallets to the Next Level

One of the most popular Hong Kong based cryptocurrency exchange, Gate.io, has made very surprising news for their users. As per the announcement, Gate.io is launching a new S1 hardware wallet, which is considered to be one of its kind. The wallet is capable of supporting multi-signature functionality. It also offers very unique and interesting way through which the users can save their funds.

One of the most interesting features of the S1 hardware wallet is that it comes with a touch-screen. This wallet is entirely different from the rest of the hardware wallets because it comes with a finger-print recognition. The finger-print recognition is located on the touch screen of the S1 hardware wallet.

Marie Tatibouet, who is the CMO at the Gate.io, provided some more information around the finger-print recognition system. He stated that the finger-print is built to create a unique password for every S1 owner, which can only be accessed through the particular user.

He also added that every user’s private key is locked away inside the hardware, which cannot be accessed through the internet. It also helps the user making daily transactions as through the S1 hardware wallet; it is easier in signature signing.

As per Gate.io, the S1 hardware wallet is set to make the lives of the users much easier. All a user needs to do is gain access to a smartphone or a computer and then use their S1 hardware wallet’s finger-print recognition feature to authorize a transaction.

The cryptocurrency exchange, Gate.io, sounded very confident and firm while stating that the S1 framework will help their exchange in many more ways. They said that the platform will help their decentralized finance (deFi) usage and Gatechain projects.

Gate.io is very proud as they have claimed that their exchange has been able to achieve what no one has even come closer to. They have managed to integrate a finger-print recognition algorithm into the hardware wallet to make transactions more safe and secure.

The S1 hardware wallet is powered by a unique dual CPU architecture and SOC chip.