A Major Travel Agency Company In LATAM Announces Adoption Of Cryptocurrencies

Despegar, one of the largest and most reputable travel agencies in the Latin American region has just made a major announcement that involves crypto adoption.

The company has announced that it is aiming to allow its clients the ability to pay for services using cryptocurrencies.

According to the latest reports, Despegar has acquired the assistance of two major entities in order to offer services to customers.

Despegar Accepts Cryptocurrencies

Despegar officials have confirmed that they could offer the utility to the users all by themselves. Instead, they have partnered with two major entities from the crypto world to offer the utility to the customers.

The partnered entities include Inswitch and Binance Pay. With the new offering, customers will be able to pay for packages for tours using cryptocurrencies.

The travel agency has announced that they have not gone all-out offering their services to LATAM users. They want to climb each ladder at a time, which is why they will be expanding their services from country to country in the LATAM region.

As per the officials, they will be offering the utility to customers based in Argentina. They will see how the service turns out and they will collect the customers’ feedback from the region.

This will give them an idea as to how the users have adopted the services and if the utility level for cryptocurrencies is as high as expected.

First-Ever Travel Agency to Adopt Cryptocurrencies

By offering users the ability to pay in cryptocurrencies, Despegar has become the first-ever travel agency in the LATAM region to offer crypto services to customers.

Despegar officials talked about the contribution of the Binance exchange in developing a platform that they could use to accept crypto payments.

With great contribution from Binance, Despegar has become the first-ever travel agency in the LATAM region that is online and accepts crypto.

The users can use multiple cryptocurrencies as a payment method to pay for the traveling packages through the online travel agency (OTA).

Cryptocurrencies Supported by Despegar

The platform has announced that users will be able to pay for almost every service that is offered through their platform.

Whether it is booking a cruise trip, renting a car, booking flight tickets, or settling on hotel accommodations, customers can pay for them using cryptocurrencies.

Despegar has allowed users to pay for the packages using multiple cryptocurrencies. As of now, the cryptocurrencies the customers can use to pay for packages include Ripple (XRP), Litecoin (LTC), Dogecoin (DOGE), Ether (ETH), and Bitcoin (BTC).

The firm has announced that its plan is to add dozens of cryptocurrencies to the list of options that customers can use. As per the sources, Despegar is planning to introduce more than 70 different cryptocurrencies for customers.

Plans to Expand to South America

As communicated earlier, access to making payments at Despegar using cryptocurrencies is available for Argentinean customers.

There are plans to add more countries within the region so more customers can benefit from the utility. They will gather more data and feedback from the region and if it is satisfactory, they will roll it out to more countries.

Some sources claim that the services may be introduced in Brazil and Mexico. More countries from the South American region will be added accordingly.

Statement by Despegar General Manager

Paul Cristi revealed that they are glad that they have introduced a very remarkable and highly convenient option for their users at the right time.

With travel bans being lifted throughout the world and the traveling sector regaining its pre-pandemic levels, the adoption of cryptocurrencies is the best business strategy.

They will definitely be able to add more customers and clients going forward and will be able to give more discounts in near future.

The new offering by Despegar will contribute tremendously in encouraging other travel agencies from around the world to offer crypto-related services.