A Multi-Millionaire Announces His Investments For A Firm Founded By FTX US’s Former President

Anthony Scaramucci, the founder of SkyBridge Capital has recently revealed that he is investing in a cryptocurrency-related company.

The multi-millionaire revealed he has invested in the firm that is founded by FTX US’s former president. The former president of the FTX US exchange was Brett Harrison.

Anthony Scaramucci to Support Harrison

Scaramucci mentioned that he wants to support Brett Harrison. For this purpose, he is going to invest millions out of his personal funds so he can smoothly run his new venture.

According to Scaramucci, Harrison had talked about launching a new venture just two weeks after the incident of the FTX crash had taken place.

He has even confirmed that in writing, so it means that he is serious about making the investments and he may continue supporting the exchange.

Purpose of the New Venture

It has been revealed that the new venture does not have a name. The founder is going to come up with a name when it seems that things will go according to the plan.

The purpose of the venture is going to offer users different kinds of strategies and services based on the algorithms. They will be able to access different kinds of markets and facilities through their platform.

The new venture is also expected to deal with decentralized markets as well as centralized markets.

Funding Required

It has been revealed that Harrison is also seeking a huge fund in order to launch his venture in the mainstream market.

Scaramucci hinted that the maximum funding he is aiming to generate is $10 million. He wants to increase the valuation of the company to $100 million.

Harrison’s Remarks about Scaramucci

On January 14, the followers of both Harrison and Scaramucci saw the former president of FTX US praise the multi-millionaires contribution.

He stated that he had always stood by FTX US and had provided them with funding. They were always proud that they were able to onboard him as their investor.

Scaramucci also replied to Harrison’s remarks stating that he was always pleased working with FTX US. It was unfortunate he had to leave the company and it ended up filing for bankruptcy.

He did mention that he feels proud that he is getting the opportunity to invest in a venture that Harrison is working on. This is a great opportunity to support the right person with the right vision.

He would love to stay as one of the key investors in Harrison’s new venture and may bring his partners and other investors to support the cause.

Both figures have great respect for each other and they want to keep supporting each other through thick and thin.

For now, Scaramucci has not confirmed how much funds he has deployed in the form of capital for the new venture. He hasn’t even confirmed how much stake he is going to get in the new business.

First Hint of the New Venture

Harrison had stepped down as FTX US’s president back in September 2022. That is when he first teased his followers about working on his own plans in the cryptocurrency industry.

He revealed that his vision did not sit well with the vision of others and of Sam Bankman-Fried. Therefore, it was better that he went about his own way and did something of his own.

It was later in September 2022 when he teased that he was working on a venture and was working on its whitepaper.

As the FTX US exchange fell in November 2022, he realized it was the best opportunity to pitch his own venture. Turns out, Scaramucci has bought his idea and is now moving along with his plans.

Despite the crypto market facing several crashes, mainstream investors are showing no signs of feeling hesitant to invest in crypto ventures and assets.

This goes to show that the trust of the investors in cryptocurrencies is not lost and it is only growing stronger.