AMC CEO believes that they should have their own cryptocurrency

Few things have managed to become as popular in recent years than cryptocurrencies. Not only have they managed to grow without regulation, but they might have actually thrived in its absence. Without regulation to hinder its possible growth, cryptocurrencies were able to reach their fullest potential.

Even now, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are experiencing record highs again. And when the biggest crypto in the market starts to rise, all of other cryptocurrencies follow suit. Seeing how different cryptocurrencies have been able to make a name for themselves, some have the misconception that it is easy. They think that it can be very simple to become famous in the market, and one of these people happens to be the AMC CEO.

AMC recently made headlines when they became the first cinema chain in the world to accept cryptocurrencies. However, this move did come more out of desperation than a genuine need to innovate. During the pandemic, the businesses that suffered the most were movie theaters and cinemas. Since people couldn’t be in a single place in such close proximity, it was obvious that these places were the first ones to go.

As a result, Cinemas experienced record losses, and people were even surprised to see major chains coming back to business. So in an effort to boost sales, AMC announced that they will now be accepting cryptocurrencies. The move received a lot of positive attention, and people started to come back to cinemas.

However, it seems that their enthusiasm for digital currencies did not end there. A few weeks after making their first announcement, CEO Adam Aron announced that they could start working on a cryptocurrency. More specifically, they want to create and issue tokens that are unique to their chain of cinemas.

When talking to CNBC, the CEO said that he believes that they would make for great issuers of cryptocurrency. He also mentioned that the new cryptocurrency is only one of many ideas that they are cooking up right now.

But despite how strange the entire decision may seem, people believe that AMC can pull this off. Given that they have a very vibrant presence online, the CEO is no stranger to directly contacting and interacting with fans. He can even be seen asking users for their feedback on Twitter.

Furthermore, during the pandemic, AMC stocks happened to skyrocket since the internet made it a meme stock. But right now, they have even yet to clarify on their future plans. Therefore, it is safe to assume that nothing will be coming out from them until next year. For now, enthusiasts can still enjoy using their popular cryptocurrencies to pay for cinema tickets with AMC.