Analysts Speculate That The SEC Could Be Trying To Ban Cryptocurrencies Outright

One of the most difficult things that people continue to struggle with in most financial markets in cryptocurrencies.

Not because they are too obtuse to understand, but because the companies that they are trading with will often be in between some sort of controversy.

Of course, sometimes that controversy was one that they started on their own, and there was also one where they could possibly be just at odds with the SEC, which has them in a serious case.

In fact, the general issue that many companies are facing is that they have to deal with the SEC, which is a government organization responsible for regulating the crypto market.

But not only does it continue to regulate it in a controversial way, it has also continued to strongarm crypto companies into making decisions that they otherwise would not have.

As a result, many of the companies who have yet to butt heads with them would prefer to simply leave the country before things get out of hand. More specifically, they move their base of operations out of the US.

And as companies start to move out, many analysts are speculating that the SEC is sending these companies out on purpose.

Rumors and hearsay about the SEC

The SEC has been subject to a lot of criticism over the years, mainly because of the rumors that have spread about them. In some cases, people believe that they do not want the crypto industry to thrive at all, as it challenges the status quo.

In fact, this is a rumor that many people believe to this day, and in most cases, still think that it does so that criminals who rely on the inaccuracies of other systems of finance will not be able to get away with it anymore.

Therefore, the SEC is looking to nip this issue in the bud, which will make it much easier to then get rid of the issue altogether.

While this rumor can sound a little outrageous, it can hold some water seeing how mercilessly the SEC targets many of the crypto companies the way it does.

It will not give them a chance to discuss the issue out of court and is usually the only way that they communicate with individuals in the first place. But there is another perspective to consider.

The SEC Genuinely Cares for Crypto Customers

While many will find it hard to believe, the SEC actually does care for consumers, as it has consistently helped them stay safe in nearly every situation that they can imagine.

And in the case of cryptocurrencies, one of the reasons why they are so strict with cryptocurrencies, in particular, is because of how often people will get scammed by it. The only real issue here is that they take it a step further.

In fact, they make it almost difficult for individuals to trade because of it. However, in the grand scheme of things, their efforts are very misguided.

An effort to keep them safe backfires

Despite wanting to keep all of its traders safe the SEC is actually doing quite the opposite. Not only is it making it very difficult for individuals to trade in the US, but it is actually forcing them into the clutches of companies that could take advantage of them.

Since they are more than likely to start trading with a company that is not just very shady but operates from a country that does not have a lot of regulation. Therefore, they are more than likely to get scammed.

As a result, most of the people who would want to stay safe, fail to do so, even if things go right.

The worst part about trading like this is that most people have to struggle when that is completely unnecessary.