Andreessen Horowitz Blocked Jack Dorsey After Former Twitter CEO Criticized Rich VCs

Andreessen Horowitz is a VC firm co-founded by Marc Andreessen, who is currently in the middle of a social media war. The topic of cryptocurrency supremacy has always been an apple of discord among the Bitcoin maximalists and Ethereum ‘filppening’ enthusiasts. This time, the giants of the industry have taken it upon themselves to show their fangs to the public.

Dorsey has been known as a Bitcoin maximalist who did not take the interest of Andreessen in the Web3 venture lightly. It is worth noting that the VC also invested a whopping $80 million in Twitter stocks in 2011 from secondary markets. The criticism from Dorsey was not ignored by Andreessen, and he, as a result, blocked him on Twitter.

The main cause of Andreessen blocking Dorsey on Twitter was a meme showing the cream of Silicon Valley soaking up all the profits from Web3 and leaving peanuts behind for retailers. The meme was posted by Dorsey, who is also among Silicon Valley’s top personalities. He also claimed at one point that Web3 is nothing more than a house of lies.

According to the Twitter tech juggernauts tracker @BigTechAlert, Dorsey has proceeded to show his disapproval by unfollowing some related accounts like Gemini exchange co-founder and Coinbase president in the aftermath of the feud. It is worth noting that during recent years, Twitter followership has increased significantly, and the debate can have an important impact on the crypto community members.

Last month, Dorsey joined The Block, formerly known as Square Inc. The main purpose of the organization is to work on the layer-2 solution for Bitcoin. The recent spat has sparked a controversy over the impression that Bitcoin and Twitter can be superseded by Ethereum and DeFi blockchains.

There is no telling where the recent feud is going to take the top coin. However, certainly, such arguments are somewhat commonly occurring and most likely to get resolved with time. At present, the crypto community members are more worried about seeking refuge from inflation with cryptocurrency investment.