Belgian MP Converts his Salary into Bitcoin

Christophe De Beukalaer is an MP hailing from the parliament of Brussels as a deputy cdH. He recently made a public announcement about converting his salary into Bitcoin. The intriguing part of the announcement is that Beukalear plans to get his salary in Bitcoin form for the remainder of 2022 year-round. The news was first published by a local media outlet called 7sur7.

As soon as the news was highlighted by some members of the cryptocurrency community, it started to get more attention on social media platforms. At present, Bitcoin is trending at $38K while the crypto market cap has reduced to $1.7 trillion. However, Beukalear does not seem to be worried about the latest price corrections and wants to go ahead with his plans.

Speaking to the journalists about the cryptocurrency industry, Beukalaer recently compared the cryptocurrency market with the internet. He claimed that Bitcoin is a part of a nascent industry, and most organizations in Europe have been missing out on the opportunity. He also claimed that in a few years, the crypto transition would overtake the current financial network.

According to Beukalear, the Bitcoin revolution will create major changes in social networking as well. He claimed at one point that the people of Europe need to get on board with the idea of cryptocurrency train before they are left far behind. He further pointed out the big changes like the digital euro, devaluation of fiat currencies, hyperinflation, and loss of trust in banking enterprises as the biggest factors for greater cryptocurrency adoption.

Beukalear talked in detail about the heavy investment of American and Asian investors in the digital assets industry. He claimed that rather than waking up a decade later and missing out on the cryptocurrency transition, it is better to get ahead with the times right now. He further claimed that investors should proceed with care.

He pointed out that he was able to demand a Bitcoin payment since he is privileged and can afford to lose a certain portion of his investment. He also warned the investors to think carefully before placing their bets in the crypto market, just like any other traded commodity. Furthermore, he also clarified that it is not ideal for anyone to ask for 100% of their salary compensation to be converted into Bitcoin.