Bit2Me To Onboard Blocked 2gether Exchange Crypto Investors

Bit2me crypto exchange is aiming to absorb clients of 2gether crypto exchange. This was after 2gether exchange shut users from accessing its trading system.

Additionally, Bit2me will cover the €20 cost that 2gether charged clients to keep using its site. Now, the clients can continue trading on Bit2me’s network once they move their assets there.

Bit2me To Onboard 2gether Users

Bit2me, a Spanish-based crypto exchange, declared recently that it would take on users whose accounts had been banned by 2gether crypto exchange.

As a result, customers can now transfer their accounts with the funds to Bit2me. Afterward, they will be able to keep trading on Bit2me.

Furthermore, Bit2me will repay the €20 ($20.00) charge that 2gether exchange informed its users to pay. The €20 maintenance fee allowed them to keep trading on 2gether business.

However, with the recent market crisis, 2gether exchange has been having a tough time. The goal of Bit2me is to keep these individuals active in the crypto community.

Bit2me’s CEO, Leif Ferreira, stated: “The keys to introducing this industry to the entire society include innovation, education, and information. Bit2me is devoted to its beliefs. Crypto and Blockchain technology are crucial to us today and years to come. We want to be adjacent to 2gether users that want to remain connected to the crypto industry.”

Problems With 2gether Crypto Exchange

According to reports, 2gether had informed its customers that it was having some issues. This was after it deleted its social media accounts and restricted the access of customers.

The firm told its consumers that it would no longer be able to provide them with free accounts. This was due to the current financial slump in the crypto market.

As a result, the company introduced a new policy before customers could use the platform. The corporation charged them a one-time cost of €20. However, those with a balance below €20 had their accounts liquidated.

The Bit2me exchange has had a smooth sail despite the present market condition. Besides, the crypto exchange even expanded its services to LatAm.

Bit2me announced the opening of a new office in the region in May. This was to meet the market needs of over 20 million clients who hold cryptocurrencies in the nation.

Meanwhile, the primary objectives of the company were security and compliance with regulations. In the same spirit, the business became the first to be given a license in Spain in February.  The Central Bank of Spain gave Bit2me a license to function as a regulated VASP (virtual asset service provider).