Bitcoin (BTC) Hits Big and Twitter is Celebrating it

Ever since the launch of the cryptocurrency industry, Bitcoin (BTC) had experienced a bumpy ride. However, the current year (2020) has proven to be full of surprises and shocks when it comes to Bitcoin’s price growth and success.

This year has turned out to be very promising for the followers of Bitcoin (BTC). No matter the problems and obstacles Bitcoin (BTC) faced, the followers never left its side and showed full trust in the asset. Among all the social media platforms, Twitter has proven to be very supportive of the crypto-industry.

The Twitter platform has given the opportunity to crypto-personalities and companies to interact with their fans/followers through its platform. Now, Twitter is celebrating the success of Bitcoin’s constant growth and what could be the best time than the Christmas period.

The Twitter platform is now celebrating Bitcoin’s all-time high price of $24,600 per BTC. Twitter has also expressed its joy towards Bitcoin’s tremendous success and mainstream adoption.

As per Twitter and crypto-analysts, Bitcoin (BTC) is not the only cryptocurrency asset that has managed to gain so much success. The markets for the altcoins such as Ripple (XRP), Ethereum (ETH), and Litecoin (LTC), have also shown very positive results.

One of the most prominent proponents of the Bitcoin (BTC) market also celebrated the success of Bitcoin (BTC) and it hitting the milestone. He also advised the Bitcoin (BTC) community to keep holding onto the Bitcoin (BTC). He said the Bitcoin (BTC) rally has just begun and keeping them under possession would mean more profits in the long run.

The founders of Gemini Tyler Winklevoss and Cameron Winklevoss also used the Twitter platform to express their excitement on Bitcoin’s (BTC) promising achievement.

Cameron Winklevoss congratulated the entire Twitter/Bitcoin community for crossing the $24,000 benchmark and hitting an all-time high. Tyler Winklevoss also congratulated the entire community in a joking manner. He stated that there are no coals but only Bitcoin (BTC) for Christmas this year.

Pompliano also took the opportunity of sharing his joy and pleasure through Twitter for being a part of the supporters of Bitcoin (BTC). He said that as always, Bitcoin (BTC) continues to surprise the entire world with its potential and capacity of beating any obstacles that come in its path.

Bitcoin and Black America also congratulated the entire Bitcoin (BTC) community through Twitter by sharing a screenshot of the (at that time) price of Bitcoin (BTC).

In the list of Bitcoin’s celebrators, some of the most prominent crypto-personalities included Mike Novogratz, Robert Breedlove, Su Zhu, and Crypto Daily that celebrated Bitcoin’s performance.

The Bitcoin (BTC) supporters stated that the year 2020 has achieved new milestones for the crypto-industry. At present, all the Bitcoin (BTC) supporters are anticipating that the Bitcoin (BTC) will achieve new heights in the coming years.