Offers US$6K Worth of ETH In Giveaway at Occasion of Ethereum’s Birthday

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Ethereum unit worth approximately US$ 6,000 has been proposed to be gifted in a giveaway scheme launched by at the occasion of Ethereum’s Birthday celebration.

30th July is the day when Ethereum was introduced to the world of crypto. It has been now 6 years that Ethereum became the most essential part of the global crypto economy. The concept of “crypto smart contract” was also introduced by none other than Ethereum itself. When one looks at the achievement, one will find that the achievements of Ethereum are promising than Bitcoin as well. It has garnered its very own community which now consists of millions of Ethereum users around the world.

In a very short period, Ethereum took its business to a multi-billion dollar business and resultantly became the world’s second-highest valued crypto. Even with regard to ETH’s market valuation, it is the world’s second crypto to have the highest market capital after Bitcoin.

On the occasion of Ethereum’s birthday, too has integrated Ethereum wallet. The crypto exchange of too wanted to celebrate Ethereum’s birthday and its integration at’s platform in the best way possible. For this purpose, has launched an ETH giveaway offer. It has been told that cash prizes of US$ 6,000, comprised in ETH, will be gifted amongst’s customers.

The offer is available from 30th July 2021 till its end on 6th August 2021. has informed that each and every single customer of its crypto trading platform will be eligible to avail of the offer. However, there are certain requirements that needed to be fulfilled for availing of free ETH coins.

As per the giveaway offer, there is a total of three grand prizes. Prize number one, which is the grand prize, consists US$ 1,000 cash prize. The grand prize winner shall be exclusive and only one person will get the chance to earn US$ 1,000 comprised in ETH. The second cash prize is US$ 500 each and will be distributed amongst at least 4 winners. The third and last cash prize is US$ 100 each and that will be given away to approximately 30 winners.

The rules of availing of the offer are simple. Any purchase of Ethereum units by any customer will give him/her the chance of winning either of the cash prizes. The purchase can be done either through’s website purchase or wallet purchase. The purchase will automatically put the customer on the list of candidates eligible for the offer. Thereafter, after the expiry of the registration period i.e. 6th August 2021 balloting will be conducted. The lucky winners will be announced and the names will be reflected on’s website and into the dashboards of winning customers. The prize money will be automatically transferred to the customers’ digital wallets.

So hurry up before it’s too late.