Bitcoins Losing Value While Ethereum And Bitcoin Cash Surge

With the cryptocurrencies, the markets are really bullish even on Sundays. Bitcoin took a dip of around 6.3% in its value on this Sunday. While other currencies like Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, and monero have seen an increase in their value.

 After hitting an all-time high in the trade market, Bitcoin lost some value on Sunday. The cryptocurrency after hitting the mark of $41,000 went as low as $37,000 at one time on Sunday. Halfway through the day, Bitcoin was being traded for $38,241 a piece.

Whilst on Saturday and Sunday, Ethereum reached as high as $1,340 per unit. In the mid-day, Ethereum was being traded for $1,286, which is 4% more than its value of the previous day. However, the charts seem to be in favor of Ethereum. An analyst of cryptocurrency said Ethereum at a point where it only needs a little push from a big investor. Such an investment would cause a significant rise in its value and minimizing the chance of losses.

Another player in the market had also seen significant rises in its value. Bitcoin cash is going through continuous surges. A 30% rise in Bitcoin cash’s value was observed on Saturday and was also traded for as high as $625. On Sunday there was another 14% surge in its value and was being traded around $612 at the end of the market. Bitcoin cash has a total value of $11.2 billion in the cryptocurrency market.

Litecoin being a stablecoin is also performing very well in the trade market. There was a spike in the value of Litecoin and went on to be traded for as high as $185 at one time. The Litecoin however, lost somewhat of its value later in the day but on Sunday it rallied back. On Sunday it went on to the price of $170 per coin. The Litecoin in the end had lost only around 1% of its value in the trade market. The total market cap of Litecoin is around $11.3 billion.

Monero may be a small runner in the cryptocurrency trade market but is one of the essential players out there. Monero’s XMR rose to $174 apiece and on Sunday it was still over 18% in its value. XMR was said to hold a cap of $3 billion of the cryptocurrency market.

The top gainers of the Sunday were these five cryptocurrencies which saw gains of around 38% to 90% gains on Sunday. The top five losers of Sunday were app coin, nav coin, nexus, golem, and Everex. The cryptocurrencies losing their value caused the BDI to go down a cumulative amount of 68%.

Even though Bitcoin has taken a dip but nevertheless the cryptocurrency market is valued at over $1.3 trillion. The market cap of the cryptocurrency is still up above 7% despite all the value losses.