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BitOpps Review

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There was a time when only a handful of cryptocurrencies traded at a very limited rate. Then the cryptocurrency industry blossomed in 2020, greatly surging the number of cryptocurrencies as well as trading volumes. However, these surges have also attracted many who aims to make money out of the people with no intentions of turning them into profits through their exchanges. BitOpps on the other hand is trying to stay customer-oriented so I will share some information about the exchange in my BitOpps review for your better understanding.

Trading Accounts Offered by BitOpps

If you choose to trade in cryptocurrencies through BitOpps then you will be surprised to learn how many trading options it offers you. BitOpps offers you six different trading accounts, each representing a different trading experience tier. At present, the trading account tiers offered by BitOpps include Basic, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Black. Each account represents a different trading experience and profiles with more challenges, and services/benefits based on the subscription.

Services Offered by BitOpps

If you do choose to invest in cryptocurrencies via BitOpps, then you can avail of several services, benefits, and features. However, the general and most essential services you have access to no matter the trading account, include daily market review, price alerts, customer analytics. Furthermore, you have access to services such as access to premier events, exclusive position access, Islamic account option, range of markets, and custom analytics.

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Education Center Offered by BitOpps

BitOpps believes that the most critical aspect of supporting you is not to help you trade but help you learn the basics and tips/tricks of cryptocurrency trading. This is the reason why BitOpps puts a lot of stress on educating you instead of focusing more on your trading activities. This way, you get to learn more about cryptocurrencies, markets, and ways to handle them in real-time. This maneuver helps empower you enough so you can make your own business decisions.

BitOpps achieves this by offering you a well-organized education center that includes ebooks, videos, video chart analysis, glossary, daily market news, economic calendar, and trading training videos. The content is organized so you can go through it as you progress into the cryptocurrency trading markets and keep learning from it.

Regulatory Adherence and BitOpps

The best thing about BitOpps is that it is always parallel with regulatory adherence. The platform focuses on providing you with the most secure, user-friendly, and ethical trading environment. For this particular reason, it adheres to the regulatory guidelines that are a must for any cryptocurrency exchange to adhere to in order to operate legally. Therefore, BitOpps is always adherent to the know-your-customer (KYC) and anti-money laundering (AML) regulatory guidelines.

P2P SSL Transactions Security

To ensure that all your personal and financial transactions are safe and secure, BitOpps has adopted one of the most protected and secure security systems. The security system adopted by BitOpps is the P2P SSL Transaction Security Protocol. This means that any piece of information you send to or receive from BitOpps, is encrypted through the SSL Transaction Security Protocol. This means that the transactions flow peer-to-peer with zero third-party involvement. Even if a hacker or third party manages to gain access to the transaction, the transaction is protected with encryption, so it cannot be read at all.

Bring a Friend Program

BitOpps is determined to bring in as many investors to its platform as possible. The motive here is not to bring in more investments but to expose more people to the cryptocurrency industry. This is to help the entire cryptocurrency trading industry thrive and regain the trust it used to have before the inferior and below-standard platforms ruined the industry’s reputation.

However, if you do refer a friend to BitOpps, it makes sure your contribution and input do not go unattended. Therefore, when a person who joined with your reference makes a deposit, you acquire a certain percentage from that. Through BitOpps’ refer a friend program, you have the opportunity to win as minimum as $400 or even higher than $25,000.

Customer Support Provided by BitOpps

If you have, any query or issue you need to discuss in regards to your investments or any other aspect concerning BitOpps. Then you can contact their customer support via phone, email, or send a message to them directly through the website.  The customer support at BitOpps is available between 6 am and 3 pm UK time from Monday to Friday.