Bitrise Coin May See Solana – Like Price Moves

Bitrise Coin has recorded lucrative moves in the cryptocurrency industry since its launch in 2021 July. That has had the crypto community comparing the alt to Solana, one among today’s top digital currencies.

  • Bitrise has innovative tokenomics
  • The network presents lucrative rewards to crypto investors.
  • It is among the fastest developing decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols.

Solana works on a blockchain that is the current Ethereum’s biggest competitor. It has its team building the blockchain addressing some shortcomings with Ethereum. They include privacy, security, and scalability.

Solana has achieved much for a crypto project that started in 2020 April. At this publication, Solana’s native coin, $SOL, ranks 5th in market cap, ahead of projects that have stayed in the financial space for over five years.

One of the reasons behind the crypto community’s trust that Bitrise Coin would mimic Solana’s actions is the high pace developers are using to create the Bitrise project. Bitrise is a decentralized finance (DeFi) protocol crated on BSC (Binance Smart Chain). Users can utilize the platform to earn, lend or spend money on a P2P decentralized network.

Like Solana, Bitrise developers designed the network at a pace that different decentralized finance projects cannot comprehend. The team introduced many products in the Bitrise network like SOL over the first 90 days. Remember, Solana houses over 400 products on its network by now.

Dapp wallet, Techrate Audit, and Bitrise Audits are the first projects on the ecosystem within these 90 days. Moreover, the team plans to introduce Bitrise Exchange in early 2020, increasing the project’s products.

Another Solana-like move by Bitrise is its coin’s price surging at a high rate. The token seems to decouple from the market, surging while its competitors battle with plummets. For now, Bitrise Coin’s price has increased a thousand-fold since its introduction, mimicking Solana’s moves.

Bitrise platform is a PoS protocol, similar to Solana. The coin has many similarities with Solana that attract comparison. The PoS mechanism translates to faster and more secure blockchain networks. Moreover, that is the reason behind Solana’s popularity.

Similar to Solana, Bitrise offers lucrative rewards to its investors, reflecting the daily increase in its community. The developers designed a tokenomics to reward users. The coin appears to boast everything for Solana-like movements. Will it surge to the top ten? Stay tuned for upcoming updates.