Bitstamp Crypto Exchange On-Boards a Gemini Executive as its New CEO

Bitstamp Crypto Exchange On-Boards a Gemini Executive as its New CEO

One of the world’s largest as well as oldest cryptocurrency exchanges, Bitstamp recently made a surprising announcement. As per the announcement, the exchange is in the process of changing its CEO. This news has been nothing less than a surprise for the followers of the cryptocurrency exchange.

The cryptocurrency exchange is known for hardly making any changes to its operations. However, Bitstamp changing the CEO is big news for all its followers.

The current CEO of the Bitstamp exchange is Nejc Kodric and is also known for being the co-founder of Bitstamp exchange. Bitstamp just announced that Nejc Kodric will be stepping down from his position as the CEO of the exchange.

The exchange confirmed that Kodric will not cut-off from the company at all but will be taking a different role. The exchange executives informed that Kodric will now be a member of the board of directors of the exchange. He will be sharing his expertise and will also act as an advisor to the new CEO.

Further to the announcement, the Bitstamp executives also provided the name of Bitstamp’s new CEO. They informed that the new and second CEO of the bitstamp exchange will be Julian Sawyer. Julian Sawyer is currently the managing director at the Gemini cryptocurrency exchange.

Gemini is a major global cryptocurrency exchange of the European and the United Kingdom region.

Kodric also released his official statement regarding the recent changes made by the Bitstamp exchange. He stated that since the exchange’s launch in 2011, it has been experiencing a gradual growth. However, during the pandemic, the exchange has observed a significant growth.

Kodric stated that now the exchange has grown far beyond his vision that he held about the company’s growth initiatives. He added that when they started, Bitcoin was being trading at a very small price and he was able to set up the exchange with a very small investment. Now, the Bitcoin is being traded at $13,283 per BTC, and Bitstamp is ranked as one of the largest crypto-exchanges.

Therefore, they decided to bring someone on board who has an ample amount of fintech and banking experience. Kodric stated that Sawyer’s profile fulfilled all those requirements and that is why they have brought her on-board.