BlockFi Review – A Prominent Name in the Cryptocurrency Trading Industry

BlockFi Review

In today’s time, everyone wants a bite out of the cryptocurrency industry as it is booming in terms of adoption and profits. Thousands of cryptocurrency exchanges are out there claiming to provide high-class and most lucrative services. However, there are some names that need no introduction or claims in order to attract people. One such exchange is BlockFi that has been around since 2017, serving old/new customers alike. Therefore, let me go ahead and shed some light on the exchange with my BlockFi review, so you know exactly where I am coming from.

BlockFi and Its Aim

BlockFi is a platform that is known for providing cryptocurrency trading as well as fintech payment solutions to clients. Ever since the launch, BlockFi has been adding new products and finding newer ways of helping investors gain more from the industry and its solutions. The teams at BlockFi are experienced, far-sighted, and innovative, in making sure that their clients have access to services that are beneficial and long-lasting.

Products Offered by BlockFi

BlockFi is known for providing a number of solutions to its clients and at present, the most profitable products include Interest, Loans, Trade, and Credit Card.


BlockFi allows you to earn interest against the cryptocurrencies you have stored in your BlockFi interest account. Therefore, you can choose the cryptocurrency and can be eligible for receiving an 8.6% Annual Percentage Yield (APY).


BlockFi is not just about investing out of your own pocket, but also gain from its services as much as you can. It offers a loan service where you can apply for a loan at BlockFi based on the number of cryptocurrencies you hold in your account. BlockFi can go ahead and approve a loan for you against your held crypto-amount. This way, you can gain more interest by holding that money, or you can perform trades to make profits.


Just like a traditional yet lucrative crypto exchange, BlockFi tends to provide you with a list of cryptocurrencies. You can choose one based on your market observation, purchase a volume, and then sell it to make profits.

Credit Card

Just recently, BlockFi announced the launch of its own credit card. Although the manufacturing and listing of BlockFi credit card is pending, you can still apply for your own card. The credit card offers users the ability to pay up with the card at any location. The BlockFi credit card converts crypto to fiat while making transactions at any shop. The credit card offered by BlockFi also a rewarding system added to it, where you can earn interest and BTC in rewards through card usage. The BlockFi credit card also offers instant cashback so you receive a cashback the moment you make a transaction.

Services for Institutions

Even if you are not an individual investor but an institution, BlockFi has the right services it can provide you for a perfect start. BlockFi has been providing a number of services to institutions and some of the most prominent ones include access to global digital markets. Then there are financing solutions, OTC Trading & Execution, Corporate Treasury Solutions, and Innovative Investment Products.

Referral/Affiliate Programs at BlockFi

If you interested to trade or use BlockFi’s services and while doing that, wish to make extra money, then you can go with the exchange’s refer-a-friend program. Through this feature, you can refer a family member or friend and earn money as they sign up and make investments. Such contacts are then added to your passive money-making system, where every trade they perform brings in some earnings for you.

If you wish to take the referral program to the next level, then you can go ahead with the affiliate program. Here, you can bring in traffic towards BlockFi by linking your affiliation website with BlockFi. This way, every person you attract and forward to BlockFi ends up bringing in passive money for you.

Transaction Security

To ensure that you are provided with a safe and protected trading environment, BlockFi offers one of the most high-end security systems. The P2P SSL Security System is highly reliable and BlockFi’s security infrastructure is industry level. This ensures that all your transactions are protected with encryptions and inaccessible to third parties. The transactions flow from sender to receiver without any interference or control from third parties.

Customer Support at BlockFi

The customer support at BlockFi is 24/7 and is available via phone or email support. No matter the time or concern you may have, you can get in touch with BlockFi’s customer support and they would assist you in whatever query you may have. The customer support team at BlockFi is professional, well-trained, and competent enough to know your queries and provide you with a prompt solution.