Brave to Integrate with.Crypto Blockchain Domains

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Brave the popular privacy-oriented browser used by a lot of crypto people has integrated .crypto blockchain domains into native support on their application. Previously they were offering the kind of ability to go to blockchain domains through Cloudflare. However, now this is sort of offering it natively in the browser.

This is interesting in a variety of different ways. It gets into the idea of an alternative DNS like a domain name system which is basically how we navigate the traditional internet. When you type in a domain you’re typing the domain but that’s redirecting to an IP address where it resolves in web pages. This is sort of building out a way for people to do that on the decentralized web.

It kind of looks that these .crypto domains can stand in for like wallet addresses, long strings of action numeric characters. It also stands for things like IPNS which is a domain name system on the IPFS, blocker storage system which’s an immutable data storage.

This is quite cool and innovative because those browsers are being seen that people use and are focused on the user experience. Integrating ways to make the decentralized web more accessible to everyday people is being seen. This is how it gains mainstream adoption in a variety of ways.

This might change the obstacles people face while accessing crypto and accessing the decentralized world. The system has its benefits like owning your domain name, it’s yours, it cannot be taken away and that’s a great starting point.

However, it’s going to take a while for people to see the value and transition all their online activities over to web3 apps. This will require some sort of education and awareness.

It doesn’t have to be like all the online activities. What is interesting about Brave is that you access the traditional web and you can also access the decentralized web in one place.

Seeing greater adoption from a browser perspective leads to a lot more people potentially entering the space. So these domains are basically NFTs that are stored in your wallet. Once you have it you don’t have to pay a subscription fee for any other number of domains wanted.

Brave does have a significant chunk of market shares, however, Chrome has 75% of the market share. The main contenders are Microsoft edge, Brave, Safari, and Chrome are dominant. Until Chrome provides support for these .crypto addresses there is going to be a website that most people are not going to be able to access.

That being said, unstoppable domains are really exciting if it can be figured out how to decentralize domain names. This will definitely be a step forward, and these things could be seized at any time. This step is definitely leading to a more decentralized and crypto-friendly world.