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BrightFinance Review

Finding a broker that can help you make profits in market trading is one of the challenges facing many online traders in the financial market. Although this is not supposed to be such a daunting task as there is an abundance of brokers in the market and on the web. The difficulty in this, however, is getting a legitimate, tested and trusted broker that can stand the test of time. A lot of trading firms are out there to make their own money, even from the efforts and investment of their clients, not minding whether the customer is making profits or loss in their market deals.

Many of these brokers charge huge percentages on commission with little or nothing to show for it in the services rendered to their clients. Hence, it is imperative to sort out legitimate brokers from the unreliable and inexperienced ones in the market. Getting a good broker has to do with what your goal or aim is in the financial market, and verifying if your goals tally with what the broker is offering you in terms of services and features.

The era of doing business, running from pillar to post is over. These days one has to work smart and engage in business activities with a brilliant approach. One of the most current strategies of doing business and making a living is trading in the stock, forex, and most recently, cryptocurrencies. Though crypto trading is new compared to stock and forex trading, it is, however, becoming the next “big deal” in the market. The future seems to rotate around the digital currency industry; hence, we must move with the flow of time. A lot of brokers claim to offer crypto instruments of trade, but eventually, it appears they know little or nothing about cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. For this reason, you need to consider vividly what each broker offers if you are one of those interested in trading cryptos.

If you are in search of a competent, reliable, experienced and customer-friendly broker, search no more because BrightFinance is positioned to meet your needs and goals. This broker has been getting positive remarks from traders who have tried and signed up with the firm. Here is a review of BrightFinance to help you make smart and informed decisions in your choice of a responsible broker.

BrightFinance at a glance

Broker BrightFinance
Trading account types Explorer account, basic account, silver account, gold account, and platinum account
Customer support system Email, telephone, ticket.
Parent company Capital Letter GmbH
Location Leeds, United Kingdom.
Assets coverage Major, minor, commodities, stock, forex, indices, and cryptos
Minimum deposit  250 US dollars

A quick review of BrightFinance is a broker that is noted for taking of the needs of all kinds of traders – experienced and new/beginner traders. The broker is authorized to offer trading of contract for difference (CFD) for cryptocurrencies, making it a force to be reckoned with in the market. BrightFinance is a brokerage firm in the United Kingdom that offers its services to clients all over the world. The trading platform provides its numerous clients, the opportunity to trade and invest in cryptos.

BrightFinance was established as a broker to offer full trading options for digital trading, which is free of transaction service charges, and equally providing high-tech digital solutions for crypto traders and investors. The growing cryptocurrency industry needs an affordable, authoritative trading platform that will aid traders and investors to engage in digital trading across the globe. This broker offers a better trading experience to its clients, coupled with short-run deposit and withdrawal methods.

BrightFinance is authorized to offer traders a wide range of assets, including commodities, stock, indices, forex, and cryptocurrencies. Invariably, traders on the platform of this broker can have access to every trading asset that they want. Having gone through the website of the company, it is apparent that this broker is vast in experience when it comes to market trading and offering undiluted services. The broker has been in operation in the market for quite some time and was registered in the United Kingdom in 2012. Consequently, it has gained significant experience in the financial and crypto trading industry. The knowledge gained by this broker will invariably assist its clients in the market. A lot of traders on this broker’s platform have attested to the fact that the company offers them the convenience and guidance in trading and account management. In addition to this, the safety and security of your investment with any broker should be a primary concern. You will notice from this broker’s activities that it takes cognizance in the fact that the safety of the information and assets of its customers is paramount. Thus its trading platform should be a haven of safety. You cannot risk your asset in trading in the market and still be unsure of your investment with the broker. BrightFinance gives you comfort and rest of mind about your assets and employs several security measures to prevent unauthorized access by third-party entities. From its anti-money laundering (AML) to the know your customers (KYC) measures, bright finance ensure that all its clients go through a verification process in opening an account with the company to avoid any malpractice or financial illegality. This broker also offers you several trading tools and features with very low fees, compared to what other brokers charge their customers. The small commission rate of BrightFinance has endeared a lot of traders and investors to its trading platform.

What does BrightFinance offer?

Convenience of trading

One of the essential things to check in any broker is the type of trading offered by such a broker to its customers and the result of such on the investment of the clients. BrightFinance, as earlier noted, is authorized to provide a contract for difference (CFD) trading to its clients across the globe. With the CFD trading, clients can buy a contract of an asset instead of buying such asset physically, and consequently trade on it concerning its price movement. This trading option allows you to have access to various assets to trade, with minimal risks. 

Safety and security

The security and safety of your information on any online platform are crucial. Hence, you need to ensure that any broker or platform you are giving your data is legitimate and capable of safeguarding your data to avoid it being accessed by cyber thieves. Apart from your information, your assets and trades are meant to be protected; hence, it must only be given to trusted and reliable platforms. BrightFinance has security features that are geared towards protecting the interest of its client’s information, assets and trades. It is unfortunate that many scam trading platforms take advantage of people’s naivety and scam them of their assets.

With the BrightFinance security measures, the identity of the client is kept secured and remains unidentified on records. Also, the data is protected with high-level encryption system which stores the vast majority of your portfolio investments offline. The brokerage firm is poised to provide the best security standard with the ultimate trading experience for its traders. BrightFinance gives you with the world’s best security services with well researched resilient security measures and easy to use reputation features, which is meant to maximize the security of trading and protect you against frauds. This broker as part of its security system ensures

  • Full data encryption.
  • Two-factor authentication.
  • Protection against hackers.
  • Compliance with PCI DSS standards and 3D secured payments security.

All personal information you submit to BrightFinance is strictly confidential and is stored within the company, and used only to ensure the safety and security of your assets. With the constant update of its security and data protection policy, the broker protects the personal information of its customers.

Also, the broker gathers private information solely to confirm the identity of the clients and also to ensure the security of deposits and trading account of the clients. The strict confidentiality procedures are in place to help the firm verify the identity of each customer, and thereby protect them from fraud, money laundering, and provide a secure business experience. 

BrightFinance offers diversity in investments

 As earlier noted, BrightFinance has been around for some years, and thus vast in experience about the financial market. The broker knows what traders need in terms of different trading options. Financial market traders are always in search of trading opportunities. BrightFinance has a robust assets index and trading products across several markets. In terms of forex trading, this broker boasts of having diverse options from prominent currency pairs. Aside from forex, clients have the opportunity to trade stocks, indices, and commodities. The juicy part of the broker’s offer is the addition of cryptos to its assets index. This broker allows you the chance to trade cryptos against major currencies, like the united states dollar (USD). With this broker, you can diversify your trading options into other assets from time to time.

 The introduction of Bitcoin in 2009 has brought about an increase in the awareness of cryptocurrencies within the last few years, with new crypto projects emerging from different quarters. The uncertainty and volatility of these digital assets had prevented some potential traders and investors from venturing into crypto trading. However, the trend has changed, and many traders are now looking to make huge profits from cryptos.

The challenge is that many brokers are shying away from this latest technology while others are offering limited crypto assets to their clients. For this reason, BrightFinance has come to make things right by allowing its customers to trade cryptos from its trading platform. As a client of BrightFinance, you will be provided with a wide variety of cryptos to trade such as Bitcoin (BT), Ethereum (ETH), litecoin (LTC), Bitcoin cash (BCH), ripple (XRP), digital cash (DASH), and a number of over 200 crypto assets.

Responsive and interactive trading platform

When it comes to trading in the financial and crypto markets, the interactive nature of the trading platform can go a long way in determining the trading experience of market traders. The trading platform is the software interface used in conducting market trades. The trading platform has several features and tools that are meant to ease the inter-activeness of traders with the market. This broker has taken into cognizance the needs of traders to have an interactive, easy to navigate trading platform.

Thus, the broker has come up with a web-based trading platform for traders. The web-based trading platform of BrightFinance is a flexible, user-friendly interface which needs no download or compatibility issue. Unlike the desktop-based trading platform, which you need to download and update from time to time, BrightFinance web-based trading platform is easy to use from any internet-enabled browser. You can use it on your PC or smartphone at any location. With BrightFinance trading platform, you have access to full options for fast and quick simplified trading.

A responsive customer support service

When it comes to having a sound responsive and courteous customer support system, BrightFinance boasts of having the best team of experts in that area. This broker knows the importance of helping clients whenever the need arises and has created channels for clients to interact with the company. You can reach the company by creating a ticket, or via the email and/or telephone channels.

Besides, the company on its website has provided a FAQ section that clients can search for and get answers to any related question they might have.

Multiple trading accounts

A lot of brokers offer unrealistic trading accounts to their clients, but the customers end of being enslaved. BrightFinance has decided to provide clients with numerous trading account options based on each need. Therefore this broker has five different trading account options for its innumerable clients which you can choose from with mouth-watering features. These accounts are:

  1. The explorer account: This account is suitable for beginner traders who don’t need advanced tools to trade. The account comes with a professional chart and access to a personal analyst, as well as twenty-four hours, seven days a week (24/7) customer support service. The account can be opened with a minimum deposit of 250 US dollars, and clients can invest up to 2000 US dollars in their trading accounts. This account is meant for those who are just exploring the trading market.
  2. The Basic account: This is the second trading account of BrightFinance. The account has a minimum deposit of 250 US dollars and a maximum of 10000 US dollars. With this account, you can have access to a personal analyst and a private session with an analyst to help you in your investment decisions.
  3. The silver account: this is the third account offered by BrightFinance. This account is for those who can make a higher risk than the basic level. The account can be opened with a minimum deposit of 10,000 US dollars and up to 25,000 US dollars maximum amount on your investment. The account equally comes with a private session with an analyst. The analyst helps you in making informed decisions on your investment plans.
  4. The Gold account: this trading account offered by BrightFinance is for experienced traders in the market who can take significant risks. The gold account has several features in addition to the ones provided in the explorer, basic and silver accounts. The minimum deposit requirement is 25,000 US dollars and can go as high as 100,000 US dollars. The account comes with a smart money management plan, among other features of a personal analyst.
  5. The platinum account: The platinum account is the highest trading account offered by this broker. The platinum account is meant for expert and professional traders who are vast in the trend on the financial market and can equally take high risk. This deposit account can be opened with a minimum deposit of 100,000 US dollars and can go as high as 500,000 US dollars in investment. In addition to a personal analyst and a senior account analyst, this account also comes with a direct line to your account analyst and five protected trades from account analyst. The senior account analyst will help you make a smart decision and help you make long term investment plans.


These and many more are some of the features and services rendered by BrightFinance to its numerous customers all over the world. These are also the factors that distinguish this broker from a vast number of other brokers in the market.

BrightFinance has become a top choice for traders and investors in the crypto and financial market sector, and the broker is not relenting in its effort to better serve its customers better with innovative improvements on its services from time to time.