Libra Rival Celo Finalizes 18 Teams for its Blockchain Accelerator Program CeloCamp

Celo Blockchain Accelerator Program

The Libra’s rival Cello finalized 18 different projects for its blockchain accelerator program called CeloCamp. The teams belonging to 18 different countries are selected by the company in a partnership with the Upright, known for organizing digital events.

CeloCamp – 251 Applications from more than 60 Countries

The payment network initiated the Bootcamp program in mid-February for the purpose of building the most-efficient apps on Celo’s blockchain. More than 251 teams from more than 60 countries participated in this. The majority of the participants were from the US (40) and then followed by India (17), Nigeria (12), United Kingdom (12), and Singapore (9).

The eighteen finalists were selected by the voting system: Celo community and CeloCamp mentors accounted for 50% votes while the other 50% votes cast by the representatives of CeloCamp and CLabs.

After voting, 18 finalists were chosen from 15 different countries, including Europe, the United States, and Africa. The teams from Europe include Portugal’s impactMarket, Belgium’s d-event, Estonia’s Parsiq, Ukraine’s Good Event, and Germany’s Tangany.

The finalists from Americas comprised of U.S.-based Conclave, Chile’s SharpShark, Columbia’s TRUSTartup, Mexico’s Air Protocol, Canada’s Figment Networks, Dunia Payment, and Brazil’s Lovecrypto.

The finalists were also chosen from Africa, including Kotani Pay, Ubricoin, iwise, Crosspoint, and Kesholabs.

Prizes of $21,000

The selected ones will have access to mentorship from the recognized Fintech companies, including Winklevoss Capital, PayPal, Polychain, and a16z. The respective program will run from April 20 to June 15, and the winner will be awarded the prize. The winning team will get $10,000 while the runner-up will receive $5,000. The company will give $21,000 in prizes.

“With over 60 countries represented, it shows the truly global nature and appeal of the Celo platform to communities around the world,” Alon Shavit, the co-founder of Celo’s partner Upright, said while talking to crypto news media outlet Cointelegraph. “We are thrilled by the quality and diversity of Celo Camp applicants.”

Serge Kiema, the CEO and co-founder of wallet app Dunya Pay, said:

“We’ll be actively deploying smart contracts on the Celo blockchain during the camp, which will lay the groundwork for a lightweight and secure wallet that we’re planning to deploy in 14 African countries.”