Charles Hoskinson Prefers Cardano over Ethereum Says “Cardano is Far More Meaningful”

Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson does not want to be recognized as the co-founder of Ethereum and asks the crypto media to stop calling him as the co-founder of Ethereum. He prefers Cardano over Ethereum and therefore asks media to only mention Cardano.

Charles Hoskinson has been a part of the Ethereum project before but he withdrew himself from the project in 2014. He now wants to be called and identified as the founder of Cardano.

Hoskinson dedicated more time to Cardano

Hoskinson seems to be no longer interested in the Ethereum project and is trying to detach himself from the project. In his recent tweets, he explains that he has dedicated his whole life to the Cardano project and has given more time and effort to it.

Therefore, he has made this clear to the crypto media that he does not now want to be referred to as the co-founder of Etereum anymore. He said: 

“One of these days, the Crypto media will stop using co-founder of Ethereum and just mention Cardano. And that’s going to be a really good day. There is no project or effort I’ve been involved with throughout my entire life that I’m more proud of than Cardano. Fives years++.”

Cardano is far more meaningful than ETH

Cardano founder has made another claim that Cardano is more meaningful than Ethereum. This means that he considers Cardano more valuable and superior to Ethereum. He is clearly referring to the fact that he prefers Cardano over Ethereum.

According to him:

“Cardano is far far more meaningful. We have cleared a path for how to build a proper cryptocurrency that has the ability to evolve over time to a billion-person system.”

Moreover, he claims that the research team of Cardano is well-experienced and much better than Ethereum’s research team. He explains, “When you’re talking about research, when you’re talking about actually delivering a product to market, these are things that require experience.”