China Announces They Will Use Blockchain Technology to Boost Tourism after the COVID-19 Outbreak

China Announces They Will Use Blockchain Technology to Boost Tourism after the COVID-19 Outbreak

In the race of who becomes the first-ever blockchain-backed country in the world, China seems to be taking the lead. China has shown great interest in the crypto-blockchain technology since its launch in 2009.

During the state of the pandemic, countries from all around the world got to see the potential of the crypto-blockchain technology. Now, China has set its eyes to become the first-ever country to fully adopt the blockchain technology.

China has already announced the test free zone for beta testing of the digital-Yuan before it is launched all across China.

Just recently, Hainan, which is a Chinese Island Province, made an announcement that included the usage of the blockchain technology. As per the Island Province, they are interested to make full use of the blockchain technology to introduce a points program. As per Hainan, the points program will help them boost tourism in the entire China.

As per the Hainan Government, the project will be worked on alongside a recent project. This project would be responsible to monitor and supervise Hainan Government’s blockchain free trade zone.

The Authorities of the Hainan Government expressed their aim to increase tourism with the integration of the crypto-blockchain technology. They also shared their intentions of encouraging tourists to use the blockchain technology for a number of activities that they would be performing.

They added that they intend to unify the process to ensure that the tourists make the most use out of this technology to perform almost each and every one of their activities.

The Hainan Government recently announced that they will be introducing a blockchain-based points system for the tourists. The usage of the blockchain-based points would also serve as a convenient mode of payment for tourists. The tourists would be able to use these points to avail a number of services.

The facilities included in the list are bars, cafes, shopping centers, hotel accommodation, and public transportation. The tourists and travelers would be able to use these points in order to avoid losing extra money.