China Blocks Crypto Websites’ Access through Great Firewall

China continues annihilation of crypto space within and, in furtherance of its objective, is now using “Great Firewall” – as a weapon for causing further damage and harm to the crypto industry. The ultimate agenda of Chinese authorities is to make sure that no one from China can even access any websites belonging to crypto trading platforms.

A number of crypto trading and investment websites have been blocked by the Chinese authorities. For blocking the websites, the authorities have been once again using “Great Firewall” as a weapon of annihilating access. The aspect of blocking crypto website addresses was duly noted by a Twitter account namely 8btc News, which covers international news.

This is not for the first time in China’s history when “Great Firewall” have been used to censor online content. At many times even legislation were passed for stopping Chinese people from visiting certain websites of their interests. The recent blockage of crypto websites is no different. The ultimate aim behind the initiative once again is to curtail the access of people living in China to crypto websites.

As regards the initiative, it was reported that the enforcement was ordered from Beijing, China. While the Chinese Cyberspace Administration is leading from the front in the fulfillment of the Government’s plan. Other aiders, who are helping the Government in the cause, are Golden Shield Project and SIIO. Currently, there are innumerable websites that cannot be accessed by anyone in China.

For instance, services such as Google and Wikipedia are no longer accessible to anyone living in Mainland China. Even the social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter too have been blocked.

Great Firewall is a set of notorious legislation passed for controlling internet and online content. It is very often used by Chinese authorities for the purposes of censorship. But whenever “Great Firewall” has been put in place, instantaneously, Chinese people are cut off from the rest of the world. Even access to the world’s biggest browsing portal i.e. Google is restricted. Under the said law, nationwide censorship is implemented and authorities are authorized to take strict actions against persons breaching the law.

The current state of China is like as there has been a proclamation of emergency. It is like as if the government is fearing something bad is about to happen. However, neither is there any emergency nor anything worse is about to happen. In fact, China continues to annihilate crypto space within and, in furtherance of its objective, is now using the law for its advantage.

It is evident this notorious law has been set into motion because Chinese crypto investors were accessing foreign firms. This was also reiterated by the Peoples Bank of China that people resorting to foreign firms are acting illegally.