China’s Bitcoin Mining Sector Choked!

Due to the worldwide shortage of chips, the production of systems used in mining Bitcoin has choked. The sector is mostly dominated by China. With the increase in demand for cryptocurrency computer equipment prices in China have also surged.

The current soaring in computer prices is cashing out small scale miners and concentrating big industrial miners. Many of these big-time investors and miners of Bitcoin are from outside of China.

Traders and users of Bitcoin around the globe closely observe the mining of Bitcoin. As prices and supply is directly affected by the amount of Bitcoin they make and sell. The users try their best to advance as per the needs to the market to maximize profits.

On Friday, Bitcoin went below $30,000 and later in the day regained some of its value. Bitcoin’s still 700% high from its price in March 2020, when it was being traded for somewhere near $3,900 apiece.

A major chip designing company’s Vice-President, Alex Ao said that the production of mining systems is choked because of insufficient chips. Innosilicon is popular for its chips being utilized in crypto-mining systems but they said the production’s halted due to short supply.

Most miners of Bitcoins use specially designed extremely powerful computer systems or rigs. A powerful system is required to speedily verify the transactions process of Bitcoin which miner new Bitcoins.

Ao believed that Samsung Electronics Co and Taiwan Semiconduction Manufacturing are planning to increase supply to the mining sector. These two companies are one of the biggest producers of specially designed chips used in crypto mining systems. Ao said the companies would be providing the chips for the consumers soon where the demands are more favorable.

The worldwide shortage of chips has disrupted the production of different electronic products like tablets, mobile phones, laptops etc.

Mining profits of Bitcoin are directly affected by few other elements than demand and supply. Bitcoin’s price, electricity cost for running the mining system and system efficiency also affect the profit margin. The processing power required to mine Bitcoin is very important too because, without high power, mining is inefficient.

Gordon Chen, co-founder at GMR crypto mining company said that Bitcoin has also boosted the computer systems business. He stated that when gold prices surge you dig faster and when milk prices go up you get more cows.

However even with the current declines in the price of Bitcoin there are still speculations that it will rise again. Proponents of Bitcoins are calling the decline a minor speed bump in the upcoming home stretch. Believers of this theory are still spending in crypto mining rigs to be prepared for the future.

The demand for the specially designed chips has gone up and so did the prices of these chips and systems. But manufacturers weren’t prepared for such high demand and there is a shortage of chips in market worldwide. Companies are assuring that the supply issues will be resolved soon.