Citizens of Arizona are changing how they do business thanks to cryptocurrencies

The crypto market has slowly become one of the biggest financial markets in the entire world. In fact, cryptocurrencies have truly been able to transcend international boundaries as a means of investment and currency. And with the way that the entire market is growing, it is changing a lot of things. And business owners and citizens of Arizona, are witnessing this change firsthand.

Cryptocurrency has already influenced major parts of American life in different ways. The cinema chain AMC allowed people to use cryptocurrencies to buy their tickets. Even different types of doctors have started to accept cryptocurrencies as a means of payment. And that is not even to mention all of the different types of online service providers who have shifted to crypto as well.

Even in Arizona, people have been using cryptocurrencies to invest, buy, or even sell real estate. The Hudye Group is a real estate company that has recently started accepting cryptocurrencies for their transactions. Therefore, Arizonans have been able to buy real estate through Bitcoin or Ethereum crypto.

Even Arizona State University has a student who created an app named DropParty. Through the app, students will be able to sell their art online. While it has certainly been done before, this app focused on cryptocurrency payments. Even artists in Arizona have started using cryptocurrencies.

The CEO for DropParty, who is also a student in ASU, specifically created the platform to help local artists delve into NFTs. NFTs have also been able to revolutionize the online marketplace, as it has allowed people to create art or content that is completely unique. Therefore, this is a perfect sell for companies that sell digital art.

However, NFTs are not necessarily easy to make. These can be notoriously difficult to craft, given that it requires a great deal of coding on the part of the developer. But thanks to DropParty, artists can completely skip on the development part and can instead work on the selling of their art.

So as for people wondering how cryptocurrencies will affect Arizona in the future, it already has. Arizona is already one of the few states in the US that have completely gone on to accept cryptocurrencies. The only other state that comes close is Texas, as they are slowly becoming the biggest mining hub in the entire world.

Arizona State even passed a number of laws, which legally allowed people to trade in crypto. Therefore, since then, many more companies have started operating in Arizona. And in the future, it is not hard to see Arizona becoming the testing ground for the upcoming USDC, since they are already so in touch with crypto.