Coinbase and NBA announce exclusive partnership

As cryptocurrencies continue to become a bigger sensation, people are starting to warm up to it. The incredible success of cryptocurrencies has led to even companies and countries starting to better adapt to it. Whether it is changing the current financial infrastructure of the country or becoming more open to accepting it, both companies and countries have come a long way.

And if you thought cryptocurrencies couldn’t get any bigger, you clearly haven’t been paying attention to the crypto market. Recently, one of the biggest crypto firms in the world, Coinbase, made an exclusive partnership with the NBA. The NBA, obviously being one of the biggest sports organizations in the world.

According to the official announcement, the partnership will make Coinbase NBA’s official crypto platform partner. Furthermore, the partnership also extends to all of the subdivisions of the NBA to date. These include the WNBA, USA Basketball, NBA 2K league, and NBA G league.

This is a monumental step in the right direction for cryptocurrencies. It is also the first time that a sports organization or its subdivisions have worked with a cryptocurrency firm. The agreement will also allow Coinbase to educate basketball fans about the crypto market. It will do so with the help of unique content and experiences that they will craft for these fans.

It can be difficult to consider the magnitude of what is happening. The NBA’s 75th anniversary season is currently underway. And during these nationally televised games, Coinbase will be there front and center.

Of course, Coinbase did not just stop there. They have also signed on to be the WNBA’s official presenting partner during the division’s Commissioner’s Cup. They will also be working closely with both the male and female national teams of USA basketball for their exhibition tours.

Coinbase has more or less been on the forefront when it comes to innovation in the market. They have been able to completely change the perception surrounding cryptocurrencies, through their many high profile partnerships. One of these partnerships was also with UnitedMasters, which was very beneficial for independent artists. It allowed them to receive cryptocurrencies for their services, which was something that most were looking forward to.

Even the vice president for marketing and partnerships of the NBA released a written statement. He said that Coinbase is just the right fit for this new direction that they are looking to take the NBA. He further continued that the millions of people who use this platform make it easy to trust. He is looking forward to the many ways that both companies will be collaborating in the future. Both of them will most likely be working together to bring exciting new ways to engage with the league.