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CoinePro Review

CoinePro logoA profitable and easy method of making money that has drawn interest from thousands of people in recent years is trading. Because of the vast number of assets which is available in the financial industry, the potentials and opportunities are endless. Many people are riveted by the fact that with just a little deposit, you can be cashing out thousands in no time.

Another reason why there is such an influx of new traders in the financial industry is that there is little to no criteria which one needs to meet before they can have entry into the industry. One you are the legal age, the doors of the financial industry are open to you. Once you have in store the skills needed, your chances of making huge profits are pretty high.

With the influx of traders in the financial industry, a part of the market that has received a lot of interest also is the cryptocurrency market. Many people looking to be part of the crypto revolution are looking for ways into the blockchain industry. The financial industry is an easy way to become part of this and many people are taking advantage of it.

Based on this, there are hundreds of exchange markets available where one can buy their coins from. In addition to this, these exchanges also make available a trading platform that you can use to carry out all the trades you need. This is because the financial industry goes beyond having essential knowledge about assets; one also needs the right broker to excel in the market.

CoinePro crypto trading

With great power comes great responsibilities; this is a popular saying that is being made true by the financial industry. Despite having a vast number of assets at your disposal, you are also tasked with the responsibility of choosing a broker to go with. This is where the problem comes; finding a trustworthy broker has become a difficult feat to achieve these days.

This is because the number of fraudulent cases in the industry has continued to increase and many traders are becoming discouraged with it all. Many platform emerge with high promises of a secure platform only to subject traders to cyber-attacks where they lose their funds and other personal information to hackers.

The explosion of brokers in the industry was supposed to make choosing an online broker easier but it only makes choosing the right fit for you harder as they all offer the same package. Therefore, identifying and separating the legit ones from the fake ones is hard. The problem doesn’t stop at finding out which broker is legit, you also have to know what they offer and if it is right for you.

Each online broker has a package that they are offering and it is important that you get the right broker for you, so that you don’t miss out on any opportunity. First, decide what you are looking for, then find a legit broker that delivers that feature to you. Knowing what a broker has to offer takes research and that can be time-consuming. This is why we have found a broker that has everything any trader would need in terms of assets and qualities.

CoinePro is one platform that has maintained a trustworthy reputation from day one in the financial industry. It has slowly made its way to becoming one of the top brokers in the financial industry. Find out what this broker has to offer in a detailed review of its features and assets below.

Background Check of CoinePro

A set of traders with vast experience in the financial industry came together to create a trading platform that would effectively solve the many issues traders faced in the industry. CoinePro was borne out of a need for an excellent trading platform with all the right features and assets a trader needs to maximize their trading possibilities.

With their vast experience in the crypto market and other markets, effective management of risks, and the right strategies to employ in the market, they created a platform with all the right features and tools. In terms of assets, this platform has all the assets a trader can explore. Their variety of assets give traders access to hundreds of market to explore.

Their various teams are well trained and efficient, this is noticed in their customer support. They remain courteous while efficiently delivering solutions to whatever query or issue a customer might pose to them. Their features don’t stop there as the platform is designed with advanced technology, therefore traders have several tools at their disposal to use in trading.

Their security is also top-notch and advanced as no trader on the platform will ever have to be scared of being ripped off their funds like they might have suffered on other trading platforms. The platform is secured at every corner; even in the payment section. Withdrawals are easy and so is making deposits; you have options when it comes to the currency you might want to make use of.

While the registration on the platform is easy, it is also secured and in compliance with several trading policies so that clients already on the platform can remain safe from hackers and launderers looking for an entry into the platform. Once you pass all the requirements and become a client, you will trade knowing that every other trader on the platform was also vetted and is not a money launderer or hacker trying to steal your funds.

Coinepro platform

This platform wasn’t designed for just experienced traders; new traders in the financial industry are also well taken care of on the platform. This is apparent in the educational materials provided on the platform that will train traders on the different assets available to trade with. Traders with some experience can also gain from these materials as there are webinars provided by experts.

These online brokers also put into consideration the fact that traders are different and each has different financial goals and needs which they bring into the market. This is why CoinePro offers different account types that a trader can choose from; depending on which is best suited to their needs and risk-taking level.

There are several other features in addition to these that CoinePro used to establish its wide customer base. Below is a review of important features amongst others that CoinePro offers every trader on its platform.

Stellar Security Features

Every trader with any level of experience in the financial industry knows that security is a paramount feature that needs to be checked out before you register on the platform. Many online brokers do not have airtight security features on their platform and these can be disastrous when hackers find their way in. A broker needs to realize that they are responsible for the data and funds of clients.

Sometimes, the information provided on trading platforms are sensitive and can be misused if it gets to the wrong hands. This is why CoinePro has taken their time to put together advanced security technology that will keep the platform safe. This is done through encryption of every data on the platform and also through a strict registration process. The issue of security is not taken lightly in any way by this online broker.

Apart from an ID proof that must be issued by a government, a prospective client also has to prove their address by providing an official bill or statement with the address. With this, a trader is confirmed to be legit and not a hacker. Their payment gateway is also secure and you can only make withdrawals through the process with which deposit was made to thwart money launderers looking to make use of the platform for illegal activities.

CoinePro security

You are also assured of privacy on the platform as the information on the platform is never shared with anyone else without express consent from the client. The same goes for the funds deposited by the trader as they are kept in a separate account and are only used for trades when the trader permits that.

Variety of Assets to Trade With

When you don’t check out the assets an online broker has to offer, you would find yourself having to register in more than one platform when you want to diversify. Many traders prefer expanding their market reach so that they can make more profits and effectively manage risks. The expansion also helps to develop a trader’s portfolio as well as build knowledge on other assets.

This is why research on asset types is important, you need to confirm that a broker has the assets you want and others to ensure you’re not limited in case you want to diverge in the future. CoinePro takes care of this section completely with its vast array of assets available to trade with. One of the assets available to trade with is Forex which is one of the largest markets in the industry.

With the different available currency pairs, the opportunities available in the market are endless. There are also indices that a client can trade with. Popular stocks are available on the platform for traders who prefer these assets to trade. There are also shares available on the platform so that clients can access several shares markets and make profits.

In addition to these assets is commodities. Whether you’re looking to trade with soft or with hard commodities, CoinePro has it all to offer you. There are also several precious metals that a trader can choose to trade with also. Another thriving market that CoinePro provides access to is the crypto market; there are many digital currencies available on this platform that a trader can choose to invest with.

Efficient Support Team

Another section that CoinePro excels in is its customer support; they have a professional team prepped and ready to help any client with problems when trading. CoinePro understands that issues are bound to pop up when trading and when this happens, you need someone to attend to you immediately so you don’t miss out on any trading opportunity.

To ensure this, the CoinePro support team works at all times of the day so traders can contact them at any time and get their response immediately. The support team is trained to be polite and receptive while they endeavor to provide solutions to any problem. You can also contact these teams through several other ways apart from the live chat option.

There is also an email address you can forward your queries to and receive replies as soon as they have a solution. They have also made available a contact number a trader can call to speak directly to an agent if he/she so desires. Whatever you need this broker for, they are prepared to do what they can to provide it.

Trading Instruments Available on the Platform

The tools made on this platform are simply amazing and advanced to make sure that traders have all the instruments they need to make profits on all trades carried out on the platform. One of these tools is the economic calendar that presents clients with every event, announcement and news related to the economy. This will help traders make the right decisions for trades concerning currencies affected by the news.

There is also a tool that will help you manage risks effectively. This tool helps you set a limit to the amount you can trade with and when to stop trades if you start losing. With this, you can save up some of your funds without losing it all in trades. In addition to this is the various training materials available to guide traders on the different potentials of assets and the right approach to the industry.

There is also a tool to convert currencies on the platform along with updates of the different currencies all around the world. Another tool available is a calculator for Forex to know the size of a currency in the market.

CoinePro trading

Banking Methods Available on the Platform

To start trading with an online broker, it is important that you make a certain amount of deposit to unlock an account and begin trading. To do this, you have to check out the payment method a broker has available and see if it is convenient for you. CoinePro is client-oriented and has provided different modes to carry out deposits and withdrawals.

A trader can choose to use cards to make deposits on the platform or carry out withdrawals. Deposits through this method are free but withdrawals attract a small charge. There is also the e-wallet method and this method also attracts a little fee when making withdrawals but no charge is attached to making deposits via e-wallets.

Customers can also choose to use bank transfers to make deposits on the platform and it is completely free whether you’re making deposits or withdrawals. Every payment mode is immediate and there is no waiting period with the exception of bank transfer which could take days depending on the bank from which is being used.

Account Choices Available on the Platform

Choosing an account is an integral part of trading on any platform. This account determines the deposit amount and the level of risk a trader can take while trading. These accounts will require the data needed to trade including a history of all trades that a trader has been involved in beforehand. CoinePro recognizes the need for different accounts so that clients can pick an account that caters to their various needs and goals. There are three different accounts available on CoinePro trading platform and they are listed below:

  • The Micro Account

This is the minimum account that CoinePro has to offer clients on its platform. It is ideal for new traders who are looking to start small and with little risk in the market. This account requires the trader to make use of the Optima platform and there are many tools attached to these accounts; including the static spread benefit.

Holders of this account are entitled to a manager that will assist them in making the right decisions to enhance their trades. You also get daily updates when you unlock this account and the deposit required to unlock this account is $500 with a leverage ratio of 1:200.

  • The Standard Account

This is the second account on this platform and is best for clients who have a level of knowledge about how the different assets can be used in trading. Beginners can also upgrade to this account when they have gained experience in the market. There are several other tools available on this account in addition to the features unlocked in the previous account.

Traders on this account also get access to the Masters’ Partial tool and only need a deposit of $5000 to gain access to this account. There is higher leverage of 300 provided on this account.

  • The Premium Account

This is the last account provided for clients on this platform. Professionals in the industry will find this account to be the best option for this. There is an increased leverage ratio of 1:400 on this account and all the trading tools are unlocked by this account. This account has a higher risk level attached and it is apparent in the deposit amount of $50000 to unlock the account. There is a bonus of 50% attached to this account.


If you check all the features that CoinePro has to offer, you would understand how this platform has coined a name among the best brokers in the industry within the few years it has been around. The excellent services they offer their clients is a reason why many traders would always recommend CoinePro as the way to go when looking for the ideal trading platform.