Craig Wrights Returns With His Claims Over Inventing the Bitcoin

A person who claims to be the innovator of the Bitcoin is taking legal action against the developers of the crypto.

Craig Wright claims to have invented the Bitcoin under the pen name Satoshi Nakamoto around more than a decade ago. In spite of the public criticism his alleged claim garnered, he is taking a legal action against the developers of Bitcoin.

Wright has directed his lawyers to start the proceedings against developers of Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash ABC, Bitcoin Satoshi Vision and Bitcoin Cash.

In 2016 he first claimed innovating Bitcoin after producing a purported digital signature from 2009.

Heedless of attracting public disapproval, Wright unfalteringly has continued his purported assertions for the past five years. He has also made numerous promises over these years of producing evidence to prove his claims.

Throughout his baseless claims, on various occasions he has threatened to initiate legal proceedings against those who condemn his claims.

Wright prompted a bunch of defamation actions against a portion of some big cryptocurrency names who had openly called him a fraud. The founder of Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin, tycoon Roger Ver, and podcaster Peter McCormack were all served legal notices.

This most recent activity of his, however, shows a significant intensification in Dr Wright’s controversial streak as he redirects his attention to crypto.

A letter from his Bitcoin legal experts claimed that Wright’s computer was hacked by some unknown persons in early 2020. The letter further asserted that there was a theft of substantial quantities of the digital asset.

According to them the cryptocurrency was of Seychelles-based Tulip Trading Ltd’s property, which was primarily owned by Craig. The assets were apparently worth £3.5bn.

It doesn’t seem like Wright is accusing the crypto developers for the alleged theft. However, the complicated letter is insisting that each developer of the crypto ventures should concede the Trading company admittance the alleged hacked addresses.

Wright’s lawyers insist that he was operating within the prevailing laws. They also added that the Bitcoin developers were under a legal obligation.

The developers involved haven’t passed any comments on the entire matter, neither have publicly acknowledge receiving the purported legal documentation.

While Wright still attracts criticism from the general public, it is yet to be seen where his lawsuit will take the matter. If proper legal proceedings are initiated against the developers, a lot of claims would need to be proved through cogent evidence. The claim in question involves an online theft and intellectual property. In the absence of any patent claim, one cannot be sure as to which direction the case will move. As for the developers, unless and until a legal action is actually proceeded they need not worry about mere assertions and accusations. Wright is yet to bring forth cogent evidence.