Crypto Analyst Willy Woo Observes Retail Investors’ Trading Behaviour

Willy Woo is the man behind Woonomics data analytics, and his opinions are often highly regarded among cryptocurrency investors. Recently, Woo highlighted some major changes in the accumulated behavior of Bitcoin retail traders in the cryptocurrency markets. The latest on-chain data projections shared by Woo highlight the massive changes that are taking place in the Bitcoin trade.

Addressing his 923K followers on Twitter, Woo claimed that the recent shifts in the buyer’s behavior had not been revised since the COVID-19 market crash incident in March 2020. Woo claimed that during March last year, retail investors rushed to buy the massive amount of Bitcoin reserves to take advantage of the sudden price correction on account of COVID-scare.

Cryptocurrency market analyst Willy Woo recently added that during the last few weeks, more retail investors are getting into the cryptocurrency market than ever before. He further claimed that the last time that retail investors showed such a strong enthusiasm for buying Bitcoin was during the first month of the COVID incident.

He also pointed out that during all the market crashes, the HODLers rush to buy the dip and increase their Bitcoin reserves. According to Woo, the latest pattern of the market reflects the same behavior for the BTC investors. Woo also claimed that the further signs of sell-off are diminishing, and the investors are moving from moderate buying pressure to the intense buying zone. He also added that most LTHs had been liquidated.

Willy Woo recently shared that the LTH or the Long term positions for Bitcoin are inching towards peak levels once again. Speaking on the matter, he claimed that after the latest FUD wave hit the cryptocurrency markets, there was a little period of sell-offs among the long-term holders’ range. He further added that for now, the LTHs have started to recover now.

Woo pointed out that during October last year, the short-term Bitcoin investors opted to hold out their reserves and these investors seem to liquidate their positions. He further claimed that for now, it seems that a good number of investors are opting to take the profits from their Bitcoin reserves and sell out their holdings.