Crypto Firm Coinbase Setting up Stronghold in India

Crypto Ban in India Might be a Rumor

World’s biggest crypto exchange firm, which is also listed at NASDAQ, is actively involved these days in expanding its crypto trading arms in India. But expansion is not all. In fact, the firm is in the process of establishing its stronghold in India as the firm founds huge potential in the Indian crypto market. The firm also reveals its promising plans with regard to its future narrative in the country and for this purpose is looking to hire skilled staff.

An American crypto company, Coinbase, intends to convert India into its stronghold for the South Asian region. The intention was duly elaborated in a statement wherein Coinbase said that it is in the process of establishing a hub in India. The decision seems to be logical because, in the region, the only active participation in the crypto industry is from India. While the rest of the countries such as Pakistan, Nepal, Afghanistan, Bhutan, Maldives, and Sri Lanka are still quite unfamiliar with crypto.

Later on, a blog post was also published by Coinbase India’s, Pankaj Gupta last week revealing the “ambitious plans” for India. Gupta has been recently deputed to head Coinbase India as its Vice President for Site Lead and Engineering. He stated that he is delighted to be a part of a team of builders developing Coinbase’s hub in the country. He also said that there is huge potential for the crypto market in India which has never been utilized in its true sense.

Gupta said that the crypto industry is skyrocketing in India and Coinbase entered the Indian crypto market at the right moment.

For the purposes of developing its stronghold in India, Coinbase is currently looking for hiring skilled staff at Coinbase India. Gupta apprised that the firm is in immediate need to have people on board who can help Coinbase achieving its ambitious objectives. Those who have the required skillset and knowledge would be welcome to join the firm said, Gupta. He further pointed out that there will be a support and assistance team as well for Coinbase India. For this also, the company requires manpower which will work in multiple shifts for ensuring the rendering of assistance to customers.

It is also likely that some key positions and personnel will be hired from foreign countries for deputation in India. He elaborated that Coinbase is an exchange which has been providing unique crypto trading products to its worldwide customer. He stressed that Coinbase India would need to ensure that Indian investors are provided with the same or even better crypto trade products. There is a huge crypto market in India that hasn’t been reached out to by any of the existing crypto trading firms in India.

For the encouragement of new employees, the company has proposed an incentive package also. It has been told that a program known as Clkka has been launched. Through this program, the newly hired employees for Coinbase India will be provided with US$ 1,000 in Coinbase’s native token.