Crypto Market Analyst Reveals Two Underrated DeFi Tokens that are Going to Perform Well in 2022

At present, the broader cryptocurrency market is trying to recover from the recent FUD and panic selling wave. During this time, investors like Michael Van De Poppe claimed that the attention of the expert digital investor was diverted towards the massive altcoin market.

In the same fashion, another independent crypto market analyst Aaron Arnold has shared some highlighted two potentially high-performing tokens. Arnold has a YouTube channel with 1.16 million subscribers. In a new video, he pointed out $LINK native to Chainlink blockchain and $XTZ token native to Tezos as the two altcoins for which he is bullish.

As pointed out by Arnold, the Chainlink blockchain is lined up for a major system upgrade with the addition of a new team member. Eric Schmidt is going to join the Chainlink Labs and act as a strategic advisor for the Ethereum oracle network. Arnold claimed that the news is a great bullish trigger for the Chainlink network.

He further explained that under the supervision of Schmidt, the Chainlink network is headed for major upgrades. Some of the highly anticipated upgrades on the ecosystem are scaling innovation and growth. Furthermore, another major increment proposed by Schmidt is the addition of smart contract activation on the Chainlink network.

Tezos to Partner with Gaming Giant Ubisoft

As reported by Arnold in his latest YouTube video, the Tezos network has signed a partnership deal with Ubisoft gaming corporation. Ubisoft is the team behind popular gaming franchises like Assassin Creed and others. As per Arnold, the partnership is an important milestone for the Tezos network.

He further explained that with the new venture, Tezos is going to take a step forward in creating the perfect Metaverse space. It is worth mentioning that Tezos is a blockchain support network that allows the transfer of information between off-chain and on-chain projects. Arnold showed enthusiasm towards the NFT gaming project under the development phase at Ubisoft and claims that it is a bullish sign for native token $XTZ.