Crypto market sees first cryptocurrency dedicated to the medical field

The crypto market has seen the rise of cryptocurrencies and how they have been used in most cases. When talking about the best cryptocurrencies in the market, most of them only exist as alternative payment methods or assets. Of course, there are some exceptions, like the one cryptocurrency that dedicated its time to help combat world hunger.

And now, the crypto market might finally be seeing one of its best tokens yet with Lilly. Lilly finance will be leading the project along with the help of one of the most prominent crypto leaders in the market, Saitama. The token itself takes its name from the young brand ambassador for the company Lillian Bay, who is also just 12 years old.

This token is nothing like most other cryptocurrencies that have managed to dominate the space in much less time. Lilly is focusing on the company, Lillian Bay Medical’s future, in providing some of the best healthcare services and advanced medical technology.

The founder of the company is very enthusiastic about the new deal and is looking forward to the future that his crypto will have over the years. The founder of the firm, Brad Beatty, believes that wealth and health go hand in hand in supporting a bright future for each field. And with these cryptocurrencies, he is very much passionate about making that the new reality.

He also said that his cryptocurrency will be doing a lot more than just providing the medical technology field’s real use cases. Instead, they are looking to revolutionize the medical technology field, as they influence how humans live their lives for years to come. Finally, the founder concluded his statement by saying that the cryptocurrency that they burn will be going to various charity hospitals throughout the country which has their own cryptocurrencies. More specifically, he mentioned that they will be sending some of the burnt tokens to Children’s Charity wallets.

 The founder of the crypto token has a very personal relationship with improved healthcare, as his daughter is a survivor of a very rare disease. When born on 11th November 2009, Lillian faced a fairly rare disease better called Cystic Hygroma. Since he was working as a humble UPS delivery man at the time, he did not understand what to do when faced with this rare illness that would require his daughter to get multiple surgeries to survive.

Thanks to the help from townsfolk and his community, he was able to get his daughter the necessary surgery. Since this token’s story is inspired by hope, it shows people a more optimistic side of cryptocurrencies. And with the work that they are doing with it, it will be one of the biggest steps for the market.