Crypto Shakers and Movers – 16 July 16, 2021

The broader market and Bitcoin started the day with bearish sentiments. BTC’s move to overcome the $32,500 levels is crucial for the support of other digital coins.


On Thursday, BTC-USD declined by 2.84%. That way, the leading asset reversed Wednesday’s 0.29% gains, ending the day around $31,890.0.

Bullish sentiments had BTC rising to $33,200.0 in the early intraday before reversing.

The asset dropped to $31,150.0 in the afternoon after failing to defeat its first massive resistance level.

BTC declined through the first vital support at $31,898.

After conquering the sub-$31K support zones, the best cryptocurrency recovered some of its losses, ending the day hovering at the $31,890 levels. The first massive resistance at $31,898 overpowered BTC’s uptrends.

The coin maintained its short-term bullish attitude regardless of the latest drops to $31K levels. BTC needs to undergo an extended decline through $27,237, 62% Fib, to confirm short-term bearishness.

Other Coins

Top cryptocurrencies saw a mixed session on Thursday.

BNB surged 2.1%, bucking its day’s trend.

However, the rest top asset had bearish attitudes. Coin lost 6.35%, and Chainlink declined by .03% to lead the downtrends.

Other virtual coins that had heavy losses are Cardano (-3.03%), Ripple (-3.72%), Litecoin (-3.99%), and Ethereum (-3.81%). Also, Polkadot has modest losses, plunging by 2.38%.

Over the week, the overall crypto market value increased to $1.419 billion on Monday before declining to $1.257 billion on Thursday. While publishing this, the total digital market cap stands at $1.293 billion.

BTC market dominance decline to 45.74% on Tuesday before surging to a 46.84% high on Wednesday. While writing this content, Bitcoin has its dominance at 45.95%.

Today Morning

At the moment, Bitcoin trades at $31,698 after losing 0.60%. An unpredictable early morning saw the asset rising to $31,959 before dropping to the $31,673 lows.

Early on, BTC left its crucial resistance and support zones untested.

Other markets saw bearishness today morning.

While writing this content, led the losses by a 0.97% plunge.

For now, most cryptocurrencies need to defeat their pivot resistance to launch surges. That would necessitate the best market catalysts.

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