Cryptocurrency Adoption: Cancer Charity Accepts Dogecoin, Bitcoin Payments

Throughout the year, several organizations in all spheres have been supporting crypto payments. Breast Cancer organization Susan G. Komen has reportedly joined the growing list as it now accepts Bitcoin, SHIB, and Dogecoin payments. 

Susan G. Komen, a breast cancer foundation founded in 1980 by Nancy Brinker in the memory of her elder sister Susan Goodman that died of breast cancer at 36 partnered with prominent crypto donation solution The Giving Block to integrate the payment model. The Giving Block is home to several cryptos, including major and arcane ones like Dogecoin, Civic, Dogelon Mars, etc. 

Komen Needs Funds to Sustain Breast Cancer Research

Research on breast cancer is one of the ongoing researches that gulp billions of dollars every decade. According to WHO, approximately 2.3M women had one form of breast cancer in 2020. In the U.S., one in eight women will develop stage IV breast cancer at a later stage in their lives. 

Eradicating invasive breast cancers or finding a cure to it needs funds. It’s no wonder that the SGK Cancer organization is soliciting funds to fund its research on the invasive health condition and increase awareness. Already, its investment in the progam has topped $1.1B since it began three decades ago. 

Crypto Donations Become the Mainstay

Crypto donations are becoming more rampant than they were in previous years, gradually eclipsing the old charitable way. The reason is simple – donating in crypto is more tax-efficient than paying in cash. As a result, crypto holders are urged to opt for crypto donations.

The Giving Block was established in 2018 to offer alternative payment solution for charity purposes. The crypto platform has played key role in promoting cryptocurrency donations and the adoption of digital assets. 

The Giving Block has collaborated with several non-profit bodies, including Humanity Forward foundation to integrate crypto donation payment. In June, it partnered with Munch Protocol to enhance crypto donations. The partnership allowed emerging non-profit entities to receive donations easily when they set up a profile on the crypto platform. 

The charity crypto website teamed up with American Cancer Society to set up a new cancer fund to raise $1M in cryptos. Earlier this December, the crypto platform disclosed the addition of a new feature that will facilitate digital asset donations for the very affluent individuals. In November, the platform established 15 funds to organize non-profit bodies by their goals to make donations more straightforward. 

Crypto donations have become a mainstay. It will become more adopted amongst cryptocurrency enthusiasts, especially as Web3 continues to develop.