Democrats are Against Crypto While Republicans are Becoming Pro-Crypto

A few days back, Congressman Tom Emmer posted a good morning message on Twitter for his followers using the crypto slang ‘gm’ whereas no democrat has ever done so in the past. Does this mean that the Republicans are more at home with cryptocurrency than Democrats, and is it that big a deal? Yes, it is because it is giving away all the relevant cues that Democrats are not up for decentralization, and they are handing over the whole thing to the Republicans.

There is a common assumption out there that Democrats have abandoned the concept of decentralization, and they are coming up as an anti-crypto movement, whereas Republicans are becoming pro-crypto, adopting decentralization and preaching it to their followers, which could earn them a massive edge in the upcoming elections. How would it look if a member of the state is delegating the same thing and is making people support the same aspect of some trend that everybody out there is already doing? They would definitely come out as their heroes, and it would certainly look as if the specific official in question is becoming the people’s favorite by aligning with their mentality and the very thing that they support.

Democrats, on the other hand, are becoming an anti-crypto movement by presenting the bills within the Senate to disown crypto on a national level and by giving away a very negative stance regarding decentralization. Elizabeth Warren, who is a Democrat, has given away the same vibes in the past regarding decentralization and cryptocurrencies by saying that these are for shadowy coders and programmers and don’t mean much for the general people.

You can’t say something on behalf of someone if you haven’t heard them say or have any other form of data acknowledging or verifying this aspect of theirs. It is possible that Democrats think that the whole crypto thing will blow over in the future, and people would come to see the volatile side of the crypto market and would just abandon it, but what if this doesn’t happen and cryptocurrency becomes a valid and active part of people’s lives? Would the Democrats enjoy the same appreciation and applause negating something that is the very foundation of their financial system? That is why Democrats are not doing such a great job with crypto at all.