Developer for leading shopping center in Thailand looking into cryptocurrencies

It goes without saying that cryptocurrencies have easily become the most popular financial market in the world. As more and more investors started to dip their toes into the ocean of cryptocurrencies, companies and even countries needed to follow suit. Investors wanted something to spend their money on, and companies quickly jumped on the opportunity. And given how quickly the entire market was growing, it was only about time for different governments to also make their move.

And while some countries like El Salvador openly embraced the market for what it was, others went the other route. Countries like China decided to ban cryptocurrencies and all of the activities surrounding it. Fortunately, however, Thailand has still remained indecisive about the entire matter and has yet to come to a proper conclusion.  Therefore, a lot of people have been able to take advantage of this chaos and have started investing in cryptocurrencies. Even major developers of malls have started considering rolling out plans to integrate cryptocurrencies. But while customers will not be able to use cryptocurrencies in the mall, employees will be receiving parts of their salaries in crypto.

This is a new trend among various companies that are experimenting with the crypto formula. Therefore, they are giving their employees a part of their compensation in cryptocurrencies. All 80,000 employees of the Central Retail Corp across the globe will be receiving part of their compensation in the company’s newly founded cryptocurrency.

Of course, this cryptocurrency will be offering much more than just the chance at profits from the coin. Dubbed the C-Coin, employees who hold the coin will be able to use it in a variety of situations and at various shops. In fact, all of the shops, brands, and even restaurants affiliated with the retailer will be offering discounts on this cryptocurrency. What is more interesting is that they have yet to decide if this will be a publicly available option on various exchanges like other cryptocurrencies. This means that they have yet to decide if they want people from the outside using their cryptocurrency.

If it remains an exclusive perk of staying with the company, it can be a very powerful motivator. That can be especially true if the brands and companies affiliated with the retailer will start offering better benefits. And seeing how they are working with over 2,000 brick and mortar stores, it is easy to see they would want to keep it exclusive.

And with the way that the entire crypto market is shaping out to be, it is easy to see why more and more companies are joining the bandwagon.