Does Cardano have a Bright Future Like Ethereum?

The founder of the Cardano network, Charles Hoskinson, was recently interviewed by the Harvard International Review. He claimed that the main purpose of the Cardano network is to provide banking options to the people who are still excluded from this facility.

Hoskinson believes that there are still billions of unbanked people in the world who are yet to experience the ease of financial independence. On the other hand, he updated the blog Cardano recently. Speaking on the matter of Cardano’s future, he claimed that in the future, cryptocurrency would become as universal and ubiquitous as the internet.

The Cardano founder reflecting on the network development and progress recently commented on his blog that the network is not just a fad. He clarified that just like the internet took a few decades to realize its true potential, the Cardano network is also going through the required transition period.

He claimed that the Cardano network aims to become universally adaptable and will end up costing billions of users around the world. Hoskinson claimed that the network developers have adhered to the approach of installing updates, upgrades, and improvements consistently to evolve the ecosystem. He further claimed that the crypto-trends are changing so quickly that it sometimes seems difficult to keep up with the pace.

The Cardano network recently formed a deal with the government of Ethiopia. The goal of the Cardano network is to improve the living and educational standards of the region with blockchain technology. He also believes that Metaverse is going to evolve into a billion-dollar derivative of the blockchain industry that is headed for exponential growth in the upcoming years.

Hoskinson has maintained throughout the years that the cryptocurrency industry is not just a bubble that is going to burst eventually. He also opines that projects like Metaverse are going to transform into the products like control layer with the continued contributions and efforts of the developers.