Dubai Wants to Impose Crypto-Friendly Laws

The latest products on sale in Dubai are cryptocurrencies among other things. Dubai has had a reputation for setting the luxury products trends in Asia for the last decade. In the latest mega-event arranged in the oasis, the cryptocurrency display fetched around 10K visitors from around the world. To add to the appeal of the event, the members of the ruling family of Dubai were also present at the event.

The local media outlets shared interviews and reviews from personalities like Bassam Muhammad Al Falasi. The cryptocurrency organization representatives from BitMarkets and ByBit also made an appearance at the event. Media outlets postulated that around 100 cryptocurrency organizations participated in the event.

The mega event of digital assets made it into the front pages of many financial publications around the world as Crypto Expo Dubai 2022. Head of Communications Igneus Terrenus from Bybit and OKex director Lennix Lai got a lot of press attention. Dubai has been working on creating a cryptocurrency-friendly trade environment since 2018.

During this time, the Dubai government has adopted policies that will encourage business corporations interested in crypto investment to explore the opportunities in the region. Meanwhile, the richest investors hailing from Asia are also taking a keen interest in spending their money and cryptocurrency reserves in the country due to these policies.

Dubai’s Estate Market and Cryptocurrency Trading

Statistics have shown that the demographic taking a massive interest in cryptocurrencies is the younger generation like Millennials and Gen Z. To this end, Dubai real estate and housing enterprise Emaar is planning to attract more buyers by merging the payment methods with cryptocurrency options.

The two days long mega cryptocurrency exposition held in Dubai was aimed at making cryptocurrency trading more adoptive at a regional level. The biggest highlight for the cryptocurrency traders in Dubai is the absence of any type of taxes that provides them with massive discounts and investment options.