ElitSolutions Review – Some of the Best Trading Features in One Place

ElitSolutions Review

It was always frustrating for me when I was looking for an online trading platform for the first time. The frustration came from the fact that I could not find one platform that had it all. If a platform was good with security features, its trading conditions were really poor. If another broker provided great trading conditions, it did not have any security features. I kept wondering if I was ever going to be able to find a company that had everything sorted out. That’s when I discovered ElitSolutions. The purpose of this ElitSolutions review is to show you how this one has everything in one place.

Whether you are looking for safety while trading or a platform that opens doors for you to make profits on your trades, I am sure you will find this one to be suitable for all your needs. I don’t have to claim that it’s the perfect company, but if perfection is an illusion than this one is definitely a reality. Let me elaborate on its best trading features.

Secure Trading Wherever You Are

I am going to talk about two important things here. First, I will be talking about the portability of the trading platform. After that, I will be touching upon the point of security. So, the trading platform is available on all your devices. It is a mobile trading platform as well as a web-based trading tool. This means you can have on it just about any device e.g. desktop, tablet, laptop, and smartphone. You can use it from anywhere in the world without feeling you are on a different platform altogether. Now, let’s talk about security for a moment.

Every piece of data that you are asked to share on the website or platform is encrypted. Encryption ensures that your information is secured through codes that protect it from the prying eyes on the internet. Not to mention the fact that the money that you deposit in your account goes into segregated funds as well, making this platform safer than its competitors.

Account Types for Various Trader Types

What type of trader are you? Are you looking for the best features without worrying about the budget? Are you looking for only the important features because you don’t have a big budget? Whichever category you belong to really does not matter when you sign up with ElitSolutions. The company has given you six different account types with an additional Islamic trading account. If you are a Muslim person who cannot go with regular accounts for religious reasons, you will definitely find this account to be a perfect choice for your trading career.

Now, when it comes to regular accounts, you get to pick from six, and each one comes with a huge bonus for you as soon as you sign up. The smallest bonus for the account that requires a minimum of $10,000 from you is 20% and the biggest bonus is 70% of your initial deposit of $1,000,000.

Trading Tools and Signals

Get all the trading tools that can help you in any way with your trades. You have some great educational material available in the education center. In addition to that, you can use various calculators to know your risk and potential profits. You will be getting news from the market on a daily or weekly basis. Sign up with the right account and the price alerts will come to you on your email or SMS. The best thing is trading signals that give you a reliable call on whether you should buy or sell an asset. Before I forget, you can sign up with savings accounts as well.

Final Thoughts

From facilitating you at the beginning of your career to providing you with the best features that make you a pro, I think ElitSolutions is doing a great job. The company has more than 200,000 active traders right now from all over the world. Could you be one of them?