Ethereum Becomes the Cryptocurrency with Maximum Views on YouTube Leaving Bitcoin Behind

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As views on Ethereum videos surpass Bitcoin, Ethereum becomes the most popular crypto token of the world on YouTube. While Bitcoin has increased by 700% since April, last year, Ethereum is certainly ahead with an increase of 1100%.

 Cryptocurrencies have been around for a while now. Although first conceived in the early 80s, it took until the introduction of Bitcoin for crypto to come to the forefront. The cryptocurrency that is an internet-based medium of exchange using cryptography ensures that transactions are secured and assets are transferred securely.

Former Chief Executive Officer of Google, Eric Schmidt called cryptocurrencies a remarkable cryptographic achievement. While Warren Buffet on the other hand asked people to stay away from it calling it a mirage. Thus showing that the popular opinion on cryptocurrencies is mixed. Nonetheless, cryptocurrencies’ popularity has exploded in recent times especially during this last year.

Statistics show that there has been a massive growth of cryptocurrencies. This is not just limited to the already existing tokens but also includes tokens that have recently been launched. Cryptocurrency has taken the web by storm whether it is Twitter or YouTube or Facebook, crypto is everywhere. For instance, Dogecoin only received so much popularity and raise in value just because of some tweets from Elon Musk.

A merchant service firm namely Total Processing recently published research on the most-viewed cryptocurrency on YouTube to rate their popularity. According to the merchant, YouTube’s role is as big as the role of the media in promoting cryptocurrency. The data collected by Total Processing displayed that Ethereum YouTuber videos had 231 million views. In contrast, Bitcoin had a total view 199.9 million on videos related to the token.

A major portion of YouTube views was shared by Bitcoin and Ethereum, with the latter outshining. However, other crypto tokens were not far behind in YouTube popularity. The third position was taken by Chainlink’s digital token LINK which received 45.7 million since last year of the current month. Another currency that has gained quite popularity over a short span of time is Cardano’s ADA which came fourth with 43 million views.

There were some runner-up tokens to, such as Ripple’s XRP with 38.5 million views, followed by Litecoin’s 27.5 million views. Uniswap, Binance coin, tether and polka dot each gained 27.3 million, 25.4 million, 22.8 million and 18.8 million views, respectively.

While these cryptocurrencies are gaining quite the eyeballs and market on the internet, So is in store for them in the future?

One of the most important issues that cryptocurrency need to address is that of regulation. Cryptocurrency is often the preferred currency for a host of illegal activities like money laundering, smuggling, narcotics and so on. Governments are working on bringing cryptocurrencies under regulation to ensure they are not misused owing to their decentralized nature and anonymity