Facebook’s Kate Rouch Gets Onboard with Coinbase

Since mid-April, Binance seems to have found itself in one of the critical situations. The exchange is constantly finding itself trouble and in a mess with the regulatory authorities from around the world. This is resulting in the exchange losing a lot of reputation and market worth.

While Binance continues facing a downtrend, Coinbase on the other hand is making the most and best out of this opportunity.

Coinbase, currently known as one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges is up against Binance to win the crown. It has been for a while that Binance has the crown for being the largest cryptocurrency exchange. However, Coinbase is now ready to take that crown from Binance, and it is taking all the measures in order to achieve that.

Coinbase has been making itself a strong, regulated, and safe platform for its users. This is the reason why the exchange has been carrying out significant hires. Just recently, Coinbase has made another announcement in regards to hiring a high-profile personality for its marking department.

Coinbase has announced that it has brought Kate Rouch onboard, who will be performing her duties and sharing her experience with the exchange. Rouch had been part of one of the major tech giants, Facebook.

At Facebook, Rouch had the opportunity to spend over a decade (11-years). Throughout her career at Facebook, Kate Rouch worked different roles helping it grow bigger and bring in more businesses.

The announcement in regards to the onboarding of Kate Rouch was made by Emilie Choi on Thursday, August 26, through a blog post. Emili Choi is the chief operating officer (CEO) of Coinbase. In the announcement, Choi revealed they have hired Kate Rouch as the chief marketing officer for Coinbase.

As the chief marketing officer at Coinbase, Rouch’s responsibility would be to oversee the performance and product marketing, as well as the global brand of the exchange.

Before her departure from Facebook, Rouch had worked as the global head of product and brand marketing at Facebook. Throughout her career at Facebook, she launched different projects to bring millions to the Facebook platform.

Now, she is going to play her role at Coinbase in bringing millions of people to the platform and bring it similar kind of user base she did for Facebook. Her duty would be to bring as many users to the crypto economy as well.

Rouch stated that she is very much inspired by what she has learned through the cryptocurrency industry. It will be one of the golden opportunities for her to become part of an ecosystem that is constantly morphing into something much bigger.

Her duty would be to not only bring more and more users to Coinbase but also do it for the entire cryptocurrency industry.