Famed Actress Rebecca Ferguson Debuts in Crypto Advertisement

Crypto platforms, particular the lead ones, are these days casting favorite sports celebrities and film actors for their promotional campaigns. The casting of celebrities for crypto advertisements has therefore become an emerging trend. Very recently, there were two crypto commercials in which some of the most notable celebrities were casted.

One advertisement highlighted American footballer, Tom Brady, who has won 7 Super Bowl awards, made appearance along with his wife. In the second advertisement, one of the most loved film star, Matt Damon, debuted in a crypto commercial. Both the advertisements were directed by all-time great director, Spike Lee.

Now there has been another crypto commercial which has been aired very recently. The advertisement is a TV commercial in which the famous Swedish female actress, Rebecca Ferguson, has made a debutant entry.

She has played a leading role in the recently blockbuster sci-fi Hollywood movie namely “Dune”. The promoter behind the commercial is Copper.co, a company which provides custodial support for digital assets to the institutional sector. The advertisement has been launched under the title “The Unfair Advantage”.

Copper has been associated with crypto custodial business since its official launch in the year 2018 in London, UK. Since then the company has conducted several rounds of fund raising. So far the company has successfully raised more than US$ 84 Million.

For the time being, Copper has been rendering custodial services to more than 400 companies/corporations/organizations. The clients of Copper also include several major commercial banks as well as asset management companies. The company also lends out crypto services to individual clients as well. Primarily, the business of Copper includes crypto trading and hosting custodial services.

The recent crypto commercial has however been directed by Diarmid Harrison-Murray of Untold Studios. While the Swedish actress was handpicked by Harrison-Murray because he believed that she had the potential to make a difference.

On the other hand, Ferguson is a successful actress who has worked in many award winning Hollywood movies. Her co-stars included some of the finest Hollywood actors such as Tom Cruise, Hugh Jackman etc. She had recently played a lead role in an epic sci-fi movie called “Dune”.

Through this advertisement, Copper has launched a new project which it has named as “Clearloop”. While elaborating upon the project, Copper told that the project will create a loop in which crypto custodial and exchanges will be part of.

Settlements can be carried out into the network in between these exchanges and custodial service providers. Copper is hopeful that the project is one of its kind which will be beneficial for the entire crypto community at once.

At the launch of the advertisement, Copper’s CMO, said that they feel honored for having the opportunity to cast the lead actress.