Florida Governor Claims that He Wants to Make State more Bitcoin-Friendly

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Ron DeSantis is the governor of Florida, who recently gained popularity among the Bitcoin maximalists. He has shown a visible interest in Bitcoin-friendly policies on the state level and shared proposals to introduce Bitcoin-related programs in the region. The endorsement from the state is going to further strengthen the resolve of Miami Mayor Francis Suarez.

Earlier this year, mayor Suarez shared plans for integrating the Bitcoin financial infrastructure into the city’s administrative system. Following the initiative, a considerable amount of crypto-related businesses and entrepreneurs have started to shift into Miami. Bloomberg recently reported that governor DeSantis has claimed that he wants Florida to be welcoming towards Bitcoin.

According to the latest proposal shared by DeSantis, the state wants to invest in technology that allows commercial organizations and businesses to pay their taxes and other dues in the form of Bitcoin. Meanwhile, Suarez started to campaign for Bitcoin, starting with a friendlier regulatory framework.

As noted by the media, the backing from the state is going to make the process of Bitcoin-promoting legislation more probable. Suarez shared plans for allowing the Miami residents to submit their taxes and other administrative fees in the form of Bitcoin payments. Later on, Dade County also joined in the resolution of Suarez and set up a task force to measure the feasibility of creating the same system under their jurisdiction.

Mayor Suarez claimed in October that the city wishes to compensate its employees in the form of Bitcoin. He also proposed the development of proper infrastructure to make the process automated. However, due to some technical setbacks, Suarez took advantage of the third-party exchange application on Lightning Network called Strike to reimburse the employees.

Ever since the city of Miami has received support and back-up from the state administration, the number of businesses and digital currency investors has started to take a higher interest in shifting to Miami and Florida. However, at this point, the legislative body of Miami is still pondering about creating viable bylaws for the P2P payment network.