Review – Is It the Culmination of the Best Trading Practices? Review

I rarely land on websites that keep my attention not just for a few minutes but hours. I am a trader and I like to keep exploring new options. I know if you keep searching, you always land on something that can make a huge difference in your life. The research for the best trading platform has been in my life for many years, but I have to admit that only a few have been able to leave a non-erasable print on my mind. I think my review is my agreement to the fact that I consider this company one of the best out there for forex trading.

Yes, this platform is not about trading many asset types. It is focused solely on forex trading and provides you with options that you usually don’t find on platforms that have forex trading as a side offering. Why do I think this website is the culmination of everything great in trading? Let me explain.

The Trading Platforms of Many Types

I have not seen any company take trading platforms as seriously as this one. Yes, there are some that offer even more assets than this platform, but they come nowhere near this company in terms of the trading platform and its conveniences. Firstly, you can choose from two different platforms. One is the platform from the company and the other one is MetaTrader 4, which is considered the best in the industry. Which one you pick does not matter because they are both equally great in their own rights. You can use them on just about any device you like.

MetaTrader 4 is great for trading forex and can run smoothly on the web. However, if you go with the trading platform, it can run on your computer, smartphone, laptop, and tablet. It is a fast trading platform with many features that leave even the best in the industry behind.

Unique and Unmatched Trading Accounts

There is a reason I did not rely only on the word “unique” to define the trading accounts from this company. Even a single different feature can make these accounts different from what most other companies are offering. However, this company’s trading accounts are different on many levels. Firstly, you choose from only three types of accounts. The minimum size of the trade remains at 100,000 regardless of your account type. More importantly, you can choose from different combinations of commissions and spreads on your accounts.

A standard account offers you great trading features but you only have to pay in the form of spreads. The other account includes commissions, but they are as small as $5 for a trade size of 100,000 units. Do you know you will have more than 80 different tools and indicators to help you with your trades when you sign up with this broker?

Easy Banking with Great Security

Banking is easy and convenient with this company but it makes things even better by elevating the security measures. You will not be paying any commissions on your deposits and withdrawals from your trading account. The funds you deposit will go into separate accounts. To make things even better for traders, the company has a safe platform. You should know that all the registration information about is there on the website. When it comes to depositing funds in your trading account, you can go with the credit/debit card options in addition to the bank wire transfer.

Final Thoughts

You can see that this company has some of the best trading practices in place to facilitate its traders in every way possible. You can trade more than 80 different pairs within the forex market, but you can also go for gold or silver trading. The spreads on your trades can be as low as 0.1 pips. Last but not least, you can always go with the demo account to see how it feels like to trade with