Foundry Opens Logistics Arm To Provide BTC Mining Equipments

On July 28th, Foundry Digital, a mining firm, and a subsidiary of the DCG (Digital Currency Group), announced the launch of a new arm, Foundry Logistics.

The aim of the logistics arm is to improve the standards of the mining industry. The company’s new division will connect buyers and manufacturers of hardware for crypto mining.

Foundry Introduces A Logistics Arm To Offer Mining Hardware And Other Services 

According to reports, the cryptocurrency mining firm, Foundry has unveiled a new venture, Foundry Logistics. Last November, the company launched staking services and then a marketplace for mining machines in December.

The aim of the Logistics arm is to enhance and set higher standards in the crypto mining sector. This includes dependability, efficiency, and transparency. 

The company would use its offices globally and other contacts to foster streamlined and cost-effective deliveries of these machines. Also, it would provide customers with insurance guidance, customs clearance, domestic logistics, and warehouse solutions.

Furthermore, the clients can access the firm’s mining machine market, Foundryx, along with other of its services. MK Sathya, the VP of infrastructure at the company, said that:

“We want to use Foundry Logistics to provide the various users in the mining sector with services, resources, and products of the best quality.”

Furthermore, Foundry USA, the company’s New York-based mining pool, is the lowing BTC mining pool. This is according to international hash rate percentages in the past three days.

Foundry Launches An Academy 

The company has accounted for over 18.55% of BTC’s global hash rate in the past three days. This is equivalent to 38.42 EH/s (hexahash per second).

Meanwhile, thirteen mining pools discovered 469 blocks together. However, Foundry discovered 87 blocks out of the 469 blocks. 

So, the YTD statistics reveal that Foundry USA ranks as the top mining pool. The company captured over 16.16% of the total hash rate in the past 12 months.

Over the last 12 months, mining pools found 53,865 block rewards. Foundry USA discovered 8,705 blocks out of the total amount.

In other news, on July 19th, Foundry Logistics opened an academy, the Foundry Academy. The academy provides a one week training program for technicians who would love to take part in the BTC mining sector.

According to Foundry Academy, technicians can register for the class to learn about BTC mining. The academic courses occur at the company’s mining facility in New York.