Fox Embraces Crypto by Creating New Animated Blockchain

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Fox, the entertainment company announced a new animated series called Krapoplis. According to the company, this is going to be the first-ever animated series curated entirely on a blockchain.

With this announcement, they also said that they would be debuting an NFT company called Blockchain Creative Labs. It is not clear yet how a series curated on the blockchain is launched. Though not clear yet but probably the series itself is not going to be on the blockchain. In essence, they are launching a marketplace for NFTs that are going to be connected to the show.

Dan Harmon who is the co-creator of Rick and Morty is now getting into the NFT space. In January, Justin Roiland the other co-creator of Rick and Morty was seen getting on the NFT space and selling a bunch of things. Now both of them are in the space so does this signify the future of Rick and Morty. Given the fanbase Rick and Morty have, a future in NFTs will prompt more people to warm up to NFT Ideas. If they continue then one can imagine them doing some cool stuff because they are creative in this space.

While Fox excite one part of the community about this step, the other is a bit cynical. According to the less excited group, this is definitely a money grab and it absolutely the audience to it with. Dan Harmon is a very popular figure like Rick, Morty has absolute super fans, and these are cultural events that people love. Absolutely these people are going to buying NFTs and various memorabilia from these shows that they find themselves attached to.

Given that, Dan Harmon does not have the best reputation when it comes to how he treats his employees. He is known for being a little notorious for treating his writers and other people in his staff poorly. Therefore, the question that arises is whether they are going to see any downstream royalties from these NFTs. When you transfer and sell NFTs, you can set what royalties you might make off that. To whom the proceeds from the NFTs will go to is not clear yet. Will it just be Dan Harmon and fox? Ideally, other people who are involved in this collaborative process should also be getting something from the proceeds. It has been seen previously with NFTs where one artist as part of the project is making NFTs while other artists have not even consented to it.

If Fox provides something that is valuable, fun, and interesting then people will definitely give their money, given their viewership. If there are real fans that are buying then that is more like a collectible.