France Considering Blockchain Ticketing For 2024 Olympics

The Olympics Committee of France is working towards security and safety at the 2024 Olympics. Hence, the committee is considering using blockchain technology in its ticketing operation. This aims to provide personalized and non-transferable tickets to spectators. 

Blockchain Comes To The Rescue 

Michel Cadot is a French delegate for the Paris Olympics. Per a media report, Michel Cadot sent a message to France’s Prime Minister. The information contained some amendments for the upcoming 2024 Olympics.

Among the recommendation is one that centres on a ticketing system for the event. Cadot believes that blockchain-based tickets would provide more security to fans. 

Furthermore, he noted that tickets should not be transferable. Also, the government should only send them out a few days before the commencement of the games.

For spectators, they can get tickets through a rotating QR code that uses blockchain technology. On entering the venue, they will check in with the tickets. Afterward, they will deactivate the tickets once they are used.

According to Cadot, this personalization would enable users to gain real-time info. They will receive news about the venue, how to get there, and safety tips. 

Also, he argued that spectators could use blockchain tickets for several events in France. He added that;

“The use of blockchain ticketing is already widespread in several events. Example includes the Paralympics and Olympics 2024, the 2023 Rugby World Cup, and French International Tennis.”

However, the adoption of blockchain ticketing arose during the last Champions League game. In the game between Liverpool and Real Madrid, the match was delayed. 

At the event, several British fans came with fake tickets. This was due to the issue of counterfeit sold to them online. As a result, they were unable to enter the stadium. The use of blockchain technology can prevent such situations.

Usage Of Crypto At Past Olympic Games

The move by France to introduce blockchain ticketing is not the first of its kind. Before now, the crypto industry has received great patronage during the Olympic games.

Last summer, Bitbns, an Indian exchange, gave crypto awards to medal winners at Tokyo Olympics. Notably, gold medalists received about $2,700 worth of digital assets. Silver medalists received $1,350, while bronze winners received $675 each.

At the Beijing Olympics, China’s main goal was to increase the widespread adoption of its e-CNY. It encouraged foreign visitors and athletes to use despite allegations from US lawmakers. 

US lawmakers went ahead to warn American athletes not to transact with the digital Yuan.  According to CryptoPotato, people spent e-CNY of more than $315,000 daily at Beijing Olympics.