Global Fast Food Chain, Burger King, Becomes Robinhood’s Crypto Partner

With the collaboration of Burger King’s newest partner, Robinhood, the globally popular fast-food chain is giving away millions of dollars to the customers comprised in Bitcoins, Ether, and Dogecoin. There was a maximum of 21 Prize Codes that will be given to each entrant which the entrant can redeem at the crypto platform of Robinhood for redeeming the respective virtual currencies.

A new slogan has been taken up by the globally renowned fast-food chain, “Burger King”, which reveals Burger King’s adoption of virtual currencies. In order to mark the event memorable, Burger King has decided to give away millions of dollars cash prizes in the form of crypto to the members of Royal Perks.

Royal Perks is an app owned by Burger King which is particularly used by consumers for ordering their meals on the franchise and through delivery. The app usually has multiple dollar-saving meal deals and also rewards users with prizes in cash and in Prize Codes.

For availing the chance to earn cryptocurrencies, each interested user is required to spend just US$ 5 against the purchase at Burger King. The purchase can be made either on the franchise or online, at the convenience of the consumer. Burger King commented that they are pleased to offer huge worth virtual currency rewards to its customers. The reward offering includes at least 20 Bitcoins, 2 Million Dogecoins and 200 Ether Coins. The reward offering is limited and only 220 individuals will earn the chance to get their hands on this huge prize offering.

To be the promotion, at least 2,000,220 number of Prize Codes will be given away to the customers/users, said Burger King. However, there is only one condition that the entrants would need to fulfill for availing the offer. The condition is that each interested person must have the membership of Royal Perks. So if anyone is interested he or she must rush to become member of Royal Perks. The signup, as usual, are free of charge and doesn’t take longer than a minute to subscribe. The application of Royal Perks is a downloadable app that can be accessed via Burger King’s official website or through Google Play store.

Burger King estimates that the odds of winning are 1:100,011 for the Bitcoin prize. Similarly, for Dogecoin and Ether coins, the odds of winning are 1:1 and 1:10,001 respectively. However, the prizes which haven’t been won by anyone will not be given away.

The prize codes earned by Royal Perks members are utilizable at the crypto platform of Robinhood. Robinhood has in fact been taken on board by Burger King as its crypto partner for the purposes of redeeming rewards. The interested redeemer will be required to install Robinhood’s app and create an account for collecting the rewarded cryptocurrencies.