Good News: Crypto Traders Not Be Affected From The Tension Between America and China

Good News: Crypto Traders Not Be Affected From The Tension Between America and China

It is no longer a secret that the United States of America and The Republic of China have been in a state of cold war for a very long time. What started off as a race of economy has now gotten to a level where each country is worried about the security of their land, resources as well as the economy.

As a result of this friction, the entire world seems to be taking the heat, especially non-crypto startups that are dependent upon the venture funds investing. Amidst this chaotic situation, the crypto/blockchain world seems to be taking very little impact from this. The main reason behind the crypto-economy taking almost no impact from this heat is because of its decentralized presence and unique fundraising tactics by the crypto companies that make it almost invulnerable from the geopolitical risks. The best part is that the crypto experts from around the globe hold the same opinion about the relation of crypto trading among Chinese and American blockchains.

Ever since Trump’s Government has come in to rule in the United States, the Chinese holdings and companies are constantly losing their ground in the American market as Trump’s Government is constantly asking the U.S. Universities and other academic hubs to stop getting investments from Chinese holdings as well as demanding to delist all of the Chinese companies from the U.S. exchanges. Not just this but the U.S. seems to have taken it to the next level by Tik-Tok and WeChat in their country that is a short video and messaging app respectively, developed by Chinese companies.

As a result of this, China has also retaliated as they have kicked out the majority of the outlets from the media sector that is America based and also went onto closing the Consulate in Chengdu.

While America and China continue to fight to get on top, the U.S./China Crypto relations are growing even stronger as a well renowned U.S. based crypto outlet has announced that they would be investing in Serum, which is a decentralized exchange and another $28 million deal struck by Paradigm and Pantera for Series A round for Amber Group for Hong Kong crypto startup.