IGC Markets Review – Don’t Settle for Anything Inferior

IGC Markets Review

Why settle for something inferior when you have the superior product available on the market for the same or low price? Not everyone is lucky to discover a great trading platform, but now that you have landed on this page, I will make sure you make the most of it. I will tell you about a platform that I think offers you everything in its finest form. How can I say that? I have seen this platform for many months and compared it with others I have researched. If you are still wondering, I am writing this IGC Markets review to talk about this company in detail.

The features from this company are nothing unique. Almost every other company on the internet will offer you the same features. Where it really takes the cake is how it has the finest of everything. Talk about trading features, conditions, or anything related to trading and I am sure you will be impressed.

Great Number of Instruments with Huge Leverages

Let us start talking with the trading conditions. Will you ever be able to get the results you have expected from trading? With a platform like this, there should be no barriers in your way to stop you from achieving the best. So, while other companies are boasting their hundreds of tradable assets, you are here on this platform that gives you more than 1000 different assets for trading. That’s a huge number and I am sure you will love it if you were looking to diversify your trading portfolio. These trading instruments include but are not limited to USD, GBP, EUR, Google, Microsoft, indices, gas, crude oil, Bitcoin, Ethereum, gold, silver, and many more.

When it comes to leverages, there is no disappointment for any trader. The leverages for traders who choose this platform will be as high as 1:500. If you have very little funds in your account, make sure you change everything around with leverages as huge as this.

Many Accounts for Many Traders

Don’t be under the impression that you will be made to sign up with an account you don’t like. The choice for any trader who is interested in trading with IGC Markets is huge. In total, you have five accounts from which the first two are more suited for you if you are new to trading. The deluxe and gold accounts are for advanced traders with big budgets and some experience in trading. The last account, called the prime account, is only for professional traders and offers the best of everything. You can start with the basic trading account for an amount of less than $10,000.

If you have more than $10,000, I recommend you go with the core account. With all these account types, you have basic training, trading platform training, and risk management training available without any additional charges. You will also have an account manager to personally assist you whether you choose the basic or the most advanced trading account.

Banking Made Easier than Ever

Banking is always a huge concern for traders who trade online. With IGC Markets, you will not have to worry about this issue anymore. You can use your Maestro, Mastercard, or Visa credit, or debit card in addition to wire transfer. More interestingly, you can choose either GBP, USD, or EUR to deposit funds with any of these methods. Besides bank transfers, it should not take more than a couple of hours for the money to appear in your trading account. Do you know what’s best in all of this? Well, the company will never charge you anything for these transfers.

Final Thoughts

So, with no commissions to pay on your transfers, more than 1000 assets at your disposal, and the availability of 1:500 leverages, I don’t know what’s stopping you from signing up with this company. Of course, you can research more on the website if you want. If you have any questions, you can phone or email or just use the live chat feature available right on the website.