Inceptial Review – a Forex Company Offering Diversity

Inceptial Review

Inceptial logoAlmost every day in the online trading industry, a new online forex company is being introduced. However, the more the online forex companies are being introduced, the more their standards are dropping.

Over time, the majority of the online forex companies have lost the ability of practicing diversity. However, Inceptial is aiming to continue providing you with diversity when it comes to CFD trades that I’m going to share in my Inceptial review for you.

Inceptial homepageDiverse Services and Provisions

First of all, I will be talking about the diversity that Inceptial offers you in terms of trading options as well as trading accounts. Then I will move forward with showing you how the platform further distinguishes itself among the majority of  online forex companies.

CFD Instruments

When it comes to Inceptial, the online forex company starts with its diverse provision of CFD trading instruments. Inceptial currently offers you with 4 major kinds of CFD trading instruments that include currencies, commodities, stocks, cryptocurrency futures, and indices. However, these instruments are further expanded to sub-instruments that are over 160 in number. This means that you have access to several CFD trading assets you can choose to trade with.

Inceptial CFD InstrumentsTrading Accounts

To grant you with more trading utilities and services, Inceptial has put together four kinds of trading accounts. These accounts include classic, silver, gold, and VIP accounts that vary on the basis of extra utilities and services provided within inceptial.

The higher the account you choose, the higher minimum deposit you need to make, plus the more utilities or services you may have access to at Inceptial. When you become part of the Inceptial family, you gain access to some of the general services. These services include educational programs, trading signals, leverage trading, and more.

Trading Platforms

Inceptial offers the diverse MT4 trading platform available on the Web, Desktop, and Mobile. This platform is extremely customizable, offering over 160 CFD assets, great exposure to trading markets, technical indicators, and so much more. The features on the trading platform can easily be navigated and its interface is easy to use and understand.

Inceptial platformFunding and Support

If you wish to know about the funding options at Inceptial, then you will be surprised to know that it only offers three deposit and withdrawal methods. These options include deposits and withdrawals via credit cards and bank wire transfers. These are extremely convenient and secure methods for making deposits and withdrawals.

If you are making a deposit, then the minimum deposit you can make is 250 (EUR, USD). The minimum withdrawal you can make is $50 if through skrill or credit card, and if through bank wire, it is $100. The withdrawals can take up to 10 business to process.

If you ever feel like discussing your issue or concern with a real time representative, then it is possible via Inceptial’s real-time support. The support teams at Inceptial are always ready to answer your queries and provide solutions to your problem very promptly. You can reach out to them 24/7 through email, landline, and chat support as well.

A Professional and Regulated Environment

Inceptial boasts itself of being a highly regulated forex company. This way, Inceptial ensures you are provided with a trading environment that is not at a risk of being shut down or taken down by regulators. The platform has always adhered to the KYC, AML, and CTF regulations and aims to do it for as long as it operates. Being compliant with regulations means it is able to provide you with a forex company that is professional.

Educational Content and Tools by Inceptial

At Inceptial, it is not just trades you gain access to, but you also gain access to vast amounts of knowledge related to trades. You can also use all the content and use it for your benefit, giving you a better understanding of your trades. Thus, the content ensures you are well supported and equipped with knowledge and tools for faster learning. The content offered includes eBooks, trading videos, live chart summary, market news, daily chart analysis, trading calculators, and educational courses.

Ending Thoughts

It is true that nowadays, every online forex company portrays the trading industry as profitable. However, they are not fully transparent about it because in online trades, you may end up losing all your funds and face huge losses. Therefore, always make sure to look at both sides of any service and then set foot into it.